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Woodsmith Issue 135 cover image

May 2014
Issue 135

Shop Short Cuts
Page 29: Left Illustration
The "9/16"-DIA. SHAFT" callout is incorrect and should be disregarded.
Easy-Adjust Drill Press Table
Page 35: Part 'K'
The Locking Shaft should measure 13-1/2", not 3-1/2".
Page 38: Detail 'a'
The callout for the "1/4"-DIA HOLE... COUNTERBORE" is pointing to the wrong item. The arrow should point to the through hole/counterbore just to the right of the hole it is currently pointing to. The hole in question should instead be labeled "5/8"-DIA. HOLE".
Page 38: Figure 3
The "1/2" I.D. x 5/8" O.D. x 1" FLANGED BUSHING" callout should read "1/2" I.D. x 3/4" O.D. x 1" FLANGED BUSHING".
Benchtop Table Saw Stand
Page 20: Detail 'c'
A dimension of 1 5/8” is shown from the bottom edge of the rail to the center of the hole. The dimension should be 2 1/8”