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Woodsmith Issue 136 cover image

July 2014
Issue 136

Custom Block Plane
Page 26: Figure 3
In preparing the online extras for the infill block plane, we discovered some errors and decided to make adjustments to the sizing of the Lever Cap “C”. The distance from the front (lower) edge of the lever cap to the shoulder is now 1 instead of 7/8. The distance from the shoulder to the top of the lever cap is now 1/2 instead of 5/8. The concave radius on the lever cap is now 5/8 instead of 9/16.
Rotary Tool Milling Machine
Page 39: Main Illustration
The Fixed Jaw should have a dimension of (1" x 1 1/2" x 3 3/4").
Page 40: Figure 11
The length of the threaded rod is missing. The callout for that rod should read: 3/8"-16 x 9 3/4" LH Threaded Rod w/Thin Hex Nuts & Washers.
Page 36: Figure 1
The dimensions of the notch on the top edge of the Tool Platform are not given. The notch is 2" wide by 3 1/2" tall. All corners (inside and outside) are 1/4" radii.
Page 40: Figure 11
The z-axis gibb on the left side has a part 'T', it should be a 'U'.
Readers’ Tips
Page 7: Illustration
Two of the arrows in the illustration are not pointing to the correct objects. The BASE arrow should point to the base piece of plywood, not to the hole. And the “HOLE FOR WALL HANGING” arrow should point to the hole, a little farther left than where it currently points.