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Woodsmith Issue 31 cover image

January 1997
Issue 31

Low-Speed Grinding Jig
Page 16: Materials
List indicates you need 2 of piece A - Front but you only need 1.
Page 20: Figure 8
The holes to be drilled are not labeled correctly. The hole near the end should be the threaded hole, and the other two are only drilled - no threads. The instructions are correct, only the drawing is wrong.
Page 21: Plane iron adapter illustration (upper right corner of page)
The Guide piece is labeled as K but it should be L. The Wedge piece is labeled as J but should be K.
Page 21: Instructions for the Plane Iron Blank.
The instructions for the Blank refer to the Wedge as being piece J but it should be K.
Page 21: Instructions for the Plane Iron Guide.
The instructions for the Guide refer to the guide piece as K, but it should be L.
Page 21: Figure 11
The wedge piece is labeled J but should be K. The Guide piece is labeled K but should be L.
Page 22: Instructions for Mount Jig
Third paragraph, second sentence refers reader to piece I but it should say piece J.
Miter Saw Station
Page 7: Hardware
List indicates that you need 18 #8 x 1" Fh woodscrews; this is incorrect. Really you need 18 #8 3/4" Fh woodscrews.
Page 9: Figure 4 detail b
Drawing says to use #8 1" woodscrew but it should be a #8 3/4" woodscrew.
Page 11: Figure 11 detail
Figure 11 detail is labeled as 11B but it is 11A. There is no detail b.