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Woodsmith Issue 47 cover image

September 1999
Issue 47

Mortising Machine
Page 18: Figure 1
The length of the notch in the front (A) is printed as 7" but should be 6 3/4". The notch is located 8 5/8" from the left end, not 8 1/2" as shown in original article.
Page 20: Instructions (assembly note needed)
The crank has a flange that mounts to the upper guide block of the carriage (fig. 11). Before installing the crank, you'll need to drill a hole in each corner of the flange for the #6 x 1" roundhead screws that hold it in place.
Page 22: Figure 12
The groove for the lower runner is located 3 5/8" from the front edge of the lower table, not 6" as originally printed.
Page 22: Instructions (assembly note needed)
The strips of phenolic for the runners are slightly wider than necessary. This will make it easy to get the runners to slide smoothly in the aluminum track. Just attach a piece of sandpaper to a flat surface (like the top of a table saw). Then sand the edges of the phenolic strips until the runner slips into the channel. Using a scrap of wood as a "fence" will help keep the edge of the phenolic strips square.
Page 22: Instructions (assembly note needed)
The bearing that fits into the aluminum channel (see fig. 11, detail a) for the handle is specified at an exact diameter of 3/4". Manufacturing tolerances on the aluminum channel may result in an inside channel dimension that is slightly less than 3/4". To allow the bearing to slip into the top of the channel, lightly sand a small section (2" long) on each side of the interior walls. Note: This area is centered 4 1/4" from the end of the handle.
Page 23: Figure 14
The groove that is cut in the upper table to accept the fence face (S) should be located 6" from the front edge of the upper table, not 6 1/4" as printed.