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Woodsmith Issue 79 cover image

January 2005
Issue 79

Dado Blade Storage Case
Page 31: Main illustration
The location of the hole for the T-nut should be 2-1/2" in from the edge of the Center Panel (C). The distance from the bottom of the panel should be 7-3/4".
Page 31: Illustration for Setting the Boundary
The location of the center of the holes for the handle should be 1" from the top edge.
Page 31: Text
The last sentence of the final paragraph should read "...I routed the sharp edges of the cutout with a 1/8" roundover bit."
Slant-Front Tool Cart
Page 25: Ripping Narrow Strips illustration
The splitter is shown as being 1/4" but it should be 1/8".
Page 26: Figure 3
The gap around the drawer false fronts is printed as 1/8" but it should be 1/16".
4 Favorite Fasteners
Page 11: Confirmat screw photo
The threads are backwards.
Straight Bits
Page 8: Photo of bit, lower left corner
The photo is a mirror image of the bit.