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Woodsmith Issue 85 cover image

January 2006
Issue 85

Quick & Easy Router Table
Page 19: Cutting Diagram
The diagram contains a part labeled "U" but the project does not have a part U.
Page 25: Materials
The woodscrews for attaching the drawer guides should be 3/4", not 7/8" as shown.
Page 21: Figure 2
Part O (Arm) should be 13", not 12 1/2" as originally printed. Also that part should be labeled "Support Arm" in figure 2 and on the materials list on page 22.
Page 22: Materials List
Three Corrections: (1) Part O (Prop) should be labeled "Support Arm". (2) Dimensions of piece E - Drawer Guides printed as 13 1/2 x 2 1/2 - 1/2 ply., but should be 15 1/4 x 2 1/2 - 1/2 ply. (3) The materials list incorrectly states that 4 T-knobs are needed; the project requires only 2.
Page 19: Online Extra
Two corrections: (a) Toe Kick (D) should be 2-5/8” wide, not 12-5/8” wide. (2) Side Cleats (E) should be 15-1/2” long, not 22-1/4” long. (The online extra PDF has been replaced on
Page 50: Chart listing insert size and hold size
Two corrections. 1. The hole sizes for insert size 5/16 - 18, hardwood is printed as 19/16 but should be 9/16. 2. The hole size for 3/8 - 16, hardwood is printed as 19/16 but should be 9/16.
Table Saw Miter Sled
Page 51: Anti-Slip Tape item number
The Reid Supply item number is JT-35109. (It was originally printed as JT-31009.)