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Woodsmith Issue 87 cover image

May 2006
Issue 87

Readers' Tips
Page 7: Digital Set Up Gauge
Additional Information: The digital set-up gauge used a plastic digital caliper. The item came from Harbor Freight (#93293) and should cost about $10. On this unit, the battery cover is located on the face so gluing the caliper into the body isn't a problem.
Page 7: Illustration
The inner curve radius is printed as 1 5/8" but it should be 2 1/4". There is also a misprint on the outer curve. It should be 3 1/4" rad.
Router Sled
Page 18: Figure 5
Drawing indicates that the aluminum angle is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 - 11 3/8 but it should be 2 x 2 - 11 3/8.
Page 16: Hardware
The list indicates that you need a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 - 11 3/8" Aluminum angle, but it should be 2 x 2 - 11 3/8".
Knock-Down Workstation
Page 34: Instructions for Rail Cap
The first sentence of the instructions for the Rail Cap contains an error. It says to cut a dado on the bottom side, but it should say to cut a groove.
Hobby Chest
Page 29: Figure 2, Detail a
All of the 1/4" measurements at the top of detail 'a' should be 3/16".