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Woodsmith Issue 90 cover image

November 2006
Issue 90

Putting Air Power to Use in the Shop
Page 38: Lead photograph
The quick-disconnect fitting connecting the snubber hose to the valve is installed backwards. It should quick disconnect from the valve not the snubber hose. A couple of the other fittings need to be reversed to make this work, but just knowing the quick-disconnect needs to be installed the other way will force you to install the other fittings correctly.
3-in-1 Multi-Tool
Page 31: Figure 3
The dimension shown for the location of the hole for the carriage bolt in part "J" (Plate) should be 2" from the top edge, not the 3 1/2" as originally printed.
Page 30: Figure 1
The 1/4" threaded insert should be set in 1" from the side of part D (top), not 3/4" as printed.
Roll-Around Work Cart
Page 18: Cutting diagram
The callout below the middle illustration (showing cutting diagram for pieces NN and OO) should say 48" x 96" x 1/4" Plywood.
Tough Cuts Made Easy
Page 45: Miter jig end view illustration
The height of the front piece (shown on the right side of the drawing) should be 1 1/4", not 2 1/4" as printed.