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Woodsmith Issue 91 cover image

January 2007
Issue 91

Turn Down the Noise
Page 45: Illustration
The drawing says to "Drill six 3/16"-dia. through holes" but the hole diameter should be 9/16". Also the holes should be drilled all the way through the pipe.
Mobile Planer Stand
Page 51: Sources
The sources originally listed an incorrect item number for the star knobs from Rockler. The correct knobs are item number 23804. This model has a through hole.
Page 20: Figure 1
The 10" dimension shown on the upper part of piece A (Side) should be measured from the top edge of the cart, not the top edge of the dado as shown; in other words, the arrow should go to the same leader line as the 13-3/4" dimension line. If measured from the top of the cart, the side filler panel sizes and drawer size work out. If someone builds it as shown, they would need to make the filler panels wider, the drawer shallower, and the back panel narrower.
Page 19: Online Extra Cutting Diagram
On the second board, the illustration shows parts measuring over 100" but the board is only 96" long. A workaround is to switch part H on this board with parts Q and R (or S) on the third board.