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Woodsmith Issue 93 cover image

May 2007
Issue 93

5 Plywood Shop Projects
Page 23: Hardware List
Six pieces of dowel are needed for the project, not 15 as originally printed.
Page 25: Figure 2
Based on the layout of parts on the cutting diagram, the shelf in Figure 2 should be shown as (19 3/8 x 6).
Page 27: Hardware list
The hardware list should include eight (8) 1/4" shelf support pins.
Page 18: Figure 1
The dimensions of the shelf plate should be 6 x 14-1/2 not 16 x 14-1/2.
Page 23: Cutting Diagram
The top cleat and lower cleat are reversed in the diagram.
Dovetail Jig Workcenter
Page 40: Figure 4
Three callouts in Figure 4 refer to round knobs with 1" studs. The stud length needs to be changed to 3/4" to match the correction in the materials & hardware list on page 39.
Page 40: Figure 4 detail
Two corrections: (1) The detail to the right of the main drawing should be changed to 'd.' (There were two details labeled 'b' when the issue was originally printed.) No corrections are required in the text. (2) The detail 'd' should show a shorter stud in a 1" deep hole.
Page 40: Figure 4
The dimensions of piece K (Front Stop Bar) should be 1" x 20 1/2".
Page 39: Materials & Hardware List
Four corrections: (1) The list indicates that 8 Round Knobs with 1/4" -20 x 1" stud are needed; however the stud length should be 3/4". (2) The dimensions of piece K (Front Stop Bar) should be 1" x 20 1/2" - 1/2" ply. (3) Similar to the Online Extra, Parts A-F, I, and J are listed as being wider than they are long (see correction on p.36). To make everything consistent, the numbers should be reversed so that they match the cutting diagram from the Online Extra. (4) The following Note should be present: Grain direction on some parts may differ from project images shown.
Page 36: Online Extra
The materials list included with the online extra cutting diagram is not correct. The part numbers section should be ignored. The cutting diagram portion is correct. The Sides (A), Tray Spacers (F), Handle Blocks (I), and Handle Spacers (J) are listed as being wider than they are long based on the Materials list. In the Cutting Diagram they are shown as being longer than they are wide, which is correct. Simply reverse the numbers so that they match the cutting diagram.
Page 38: Figure 1
(1) Side (A) lists the measurement to be 14 x 8 1/2, this should be reversed to 8 1/2 x 14. (2) Front (D) lists the measurements to be 23 1/2 x 8 1/4. This too should be reversed to read 8 1/4 x 23 1/2.