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Woodsmith Issue 97 cover image

January 2008
Issue 97

Before & After Shop Upgrade
Page 22: Figure 5b
The part labeled (P) should be (Q) and the part labeled (Q) should be (P).
Page 16: Online Extra - Cutting Diagram
Three corrections: (1) The online extra cutting diagram indicates only one part T (Tower Back) but there should be two. (2) The six Cart Shelf Front/Back Pieces (JJ) are shown getting cut from a 5 1/2"-wide board. At 2" wide, these can’t come from the board as shown; a wider board is needed. (3) The 40 mounting block pieces (O) are shown as being cut from one board. There isn't quite enough room so you may need to cut several of them from a different board.
Page 21: Angle of bevel cuts
The instructions for making the posts do not indicate the angle of the bevel. The blade tilt angle is 45 degrees.
Page 25: Figure 9b, Bottom View
A part is mislabeled. The part labeled NN should be KK (Caster Plate).
Page 25: Figure 9a, Front Section View
Two parts are mislabeled. 1: The part labeled OO should be PP (Cart Top). 2: The part labeled NN should be KK (Caster Plate).
Page 20: Illustration
The diameter of the carriage bolt and washer should be 3/8" x 5", not 1/2" x 5" as originally printed. The materials list on page 27 is subject to the same correction.
Page 27: Materials & Hardware
The diameter of carriage bolts, washers, and nuts used to assemble the components to the posts is 3/8", not 1/2" as originally printed. The list should indicate: (76) 3/8" x 5" Carriage Bolts ; (76) 3/8" Flat Washers ; (76) 3/8" Hex Nuts. (The illustration on page 20 is subject to the same correction.)