ShopNotes #29 1996-09-01

September 1996
Issue 29

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Table of Contents

Revolving Parts Bin4

Besides storing and organizing small parts and pieces of hardware, this shop-built bin revolves on a lazy Susan. To find the part you need, just give it a spin.

Belt Sanders8

Our three-man team tests seven popular belt sanders to see which one is best. Also, practical suggestions on what to look for when buying a belt sander.

Planer Tips12

A collection of our best tips to get the most from your planer. Everything from thicknessing short pieces, to trimming pieces to width by planing an edge.

Locking Rabbet Joints14

Looking for a strong, simple drawer joint? We show you how to make two types of locking rabbet joints.

Rolling Tool Cabinet16

Park this rolling tool cabinet right next to your bench. Then enjoy the easy access to your tools provided by the three drawers and large storage area underneath.

  • Page 19: Figure 3, detail a
    The measurement at the top of piece K is printed as 3/4" but it should be 1".

Finish Information: For the finish we used 1 quart boiled linseed oil, 3 tbl. Van Dyke Brown Artist oil color. The project was made of straight-grained red oak.

Craftsman Tool Chest23

Whether you build this craftsman tool chest to put on top of the rolling tool cabinet, or as a stand-alone project, it provides a special home for your hand tools.

Shop Solutions28

ShopNotes' readers offer their own solutions to some of the most common woodworking problems.

New Products30

Here's a quick look at three new products that have earned a well-deserved place in our shop.

Coloring Finishes31

It's easy to color a finish to get just the shade you want. Use our special recipes. Or mix your own.

Scenes from the Shop32