ShopNotes #31 1997-01-01

January 1997
Issue 31

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Our readers offer their own shop-tested tips: Magnetic Resaw Fence, Leg Leveler, String Clamp, Speed Control, and a tip for Hanging Full-Overlay Doors.

Miter Saw Station6

This miter saw station will spoil you. When you raise the folding wings, two extension tables provide all the support you need for cutting long workpieces. And with a flip-up stop block that slides along a fence, you can make precision cuts without measuring and marking.

  • Page 7: Hardware
    List indicates that you need 18 #8 x 1" Fh woodscrews; this is incorrect. Really you need 18 #8 3/4" Fh woodscrews.
  • Page 9: Figure 4 detail b
    Drawing says to use #8 1" woodscrew but it should be a #8 3/4" woodscrew.
  • Page 11: Figure 11 detail
    Figure 11 detail is labeled as 11B but it is 11A. There is no detail b.

Miter Saw Tune-Up14

It's easy to keep your power miter saw running smoothly and accurately. All it takes is some routine maintenance and a few basic adjustments.

Low-Speed Grinding Jig16

You can get razor sharp edges on your plane irons and jointer knives with this shop-built grinding jig. Along with a grinding wheel that's chucked in the drill press and spinning at low speed, it gives you complete control over every step of the grinding process.

  • Page 16: Materials
    List indicates you need 2 of piece A - Front but you only need 1.
  • Page 20: Figure 8
    The holes to be drilled are not labeled correctly. The hole near the end should be the threaded hole, and the other two are only drilled - no threads. The instructions are correct, only the drawing is wrong.
  • Page 21: Plane iron adapter illustration (upper right corner of page)
    The Guide piece is labeled as K but it should be L. The Wedge piece is labeled as J but should be K.
  • Page 21: Instructions for the Plane Iron Blank.
    The instructions for the Blank refer to the Wedge as being piece J but it should be K.
  • Page 21: Instructions for the Plane Iron Guide.
    The instructions for the Guide refer to the guide piece as K, but it should be L.
  • Page 21: Figure 11
    The wedge piece is labeled J but should be K. The Guide piece is labeled K but should be L.
  • Page 22: Instructions for Mount Jig
    Third paragraph, second sentence refers reader to piece I but it should say piece J.
  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.
    Grinding Wheel05969084

Compound Miter Saws24

Thinking about buying a compound miter saw? Our three-man team tests four popular models and offers practical suggestions on the best one to buy.


Shellac has been around for years -- and there's a good reason for it. Besides providing plenty of protection, it's extremely easy to apply. This "old timer" also provides solutions to many modern finishing problems.

Shop Solutions30

Whether you're building the projects in this issue or another one altogether, this collection of tips from the guys in our shop is sure to come in handy.

Scenes from the Shop32