ShopNotes #62 2002-03-01

March 2002
Issue 62

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Box Joint Jig6

Unlike most box joint jigs, this one uses runners in both miter slots to make an extremely smooth-working jig. And replaceable fences allow you to make different size box joints without having to "retune" the fit.

  • Page 8: Figure 5
    A measurement is missing from the drawing. Piece D - Fence Plate measurement is 3 3/4" x 18".
  • Page 9: Figure 9
    First step says to drill a 1/8" dia. Pilot hole but it should say to drill a 1/16" pilot hole.
  • Page 9: Figure 9 detail b
    Third step says to drill a 5/16" hole but it should be a 1/4" hole.

Making Box Joints10

You can't help but appreciate the craftsmanship of precision box joints. Learn how easy it is to make them with our simple step-by-step approach.

Carpenter's Toolbox14

With its classic lines, solid wood construction, and strong box joints, this carpenter's toolbox will be around to use (and admire) for generations to come. It also features a removable tray for organizing small tools and hardware.

  • Page 16: Figure 1
    Dimensions of piece (Front) printed as 8 1/4" rgh x 27" - 1/2" thick stock but should be 8 1/4" rgh x 28" - 1/2". The materials list on page 16 is correct.

Online Extras

  • Carpenter's Toolbox with Rabbet Joints
    This version of the Carpenter’s toolbox is constructed with rabbet joints and nails instead of box joints. In order to keep the overall dimensions the same, the ends of the box and the ends of the tray are slightly shorter on this version than on the box-jointed version.

Great Glue-Ups20

There's more to creating a wide, solid-wood panel than just gluing a bunch of boards together. Learn the step-by-step process we use to glue up panels that look great and stay flat.

Clamping Station24

Glue up a panel without taking up valuable bench space? And without pipe clamps? This shop-built station makes it possible.

Online Extras

  • Clamping Station
    To meet clamping challenges head-on, I built this wall-mounted clamping station. It combines the glue-up area, clamps, and drying area into a single location. So there’s no need to worry about cleaning off a workbench when it comes time to glue up a panel.

Shop Talk32

We share "secrets" used in our shop for creating a smooth, even profile with a router bit and a hand-held router.

Tool Chest34

Unconventional design, great results. Find out about an unusual bit that cuts perfect countersinks in wood or metal.

Scenes from the Shop36