ShopNotes #64 2002-07-01

July 2002
Issue 64

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Wall-Mounted Drill Press Shelf6

Open up space on your workbench by moving your drill press to this handy, wall-mounted shelf. Then add an optional storage rack that keeps all your drilling accessories close at hand.

Painting a Hammered Finish12

One of the best ways to finish MDF is with paint. Learn how to spray or roll on a "hammered" finish in an afternoon and give your shop projects a professional-quality look.

Plunge Router Mortising Jig14

This shop-made mortising table lets you rout perfect mortises with a hand-held plunge router. You can set up the table and make identical mortises time after time in less than a minute.

Online Extras

  • Plunge Router Mortising Jig
    It doesn’t cost much or take very long to build. But this unassuming jig will transform an ordinary plunge router into a mortising machine that is capable of turning out perfect-fitting mortises in a matter of seconds.

Hardware Storage Cabinet22

All your hardware stored and organized in one spot? With this hardware storage cabinet and a set of plastic storage bins, you'll never have to hunt for hardware again.

Online Extras

  • Hardware Storage Cabinet
    When it comes to storing hardware, it’s hard to beat the practicality of plastic bins. But the problem then becomes, how do you organize the organizers? This project solves that dilemma.

Shop-Built Drawer Dividers29

Eliminate cluttered drawers forever with a set of custom dividers you can make in your own shop.

Cabinet Clamping Tips30

Clamping large cabinet projects can be a daunting task -- especially if you don't have a lot of clamps. We show you how to clamp a large assembly with just a few clamps.

Shop Talk32

When it comes to joining pieces of MDF together, a few tips and techniques will ensure quality results and solid assemblies.

Tool Chest34

There's an old saying that good things come in small packages. And our featured tool is a perfect example.

Scenes from the Shop36