ShopNotes #66 2002-11-01

November 2002
Issue 66

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Thin-Stock Hold-Down6

Need to cut thin veneer or laminate on the table saw? You'll get chip-free results safely with our shop-made hold-down, whether you're cutting narrow strips or wide ones.

Convertible Shop Storage Cabinets10

It's easy to see how much storage you can pack into these handy cabinets. What you can't see is how versatile they are. You can stack them, like you see in the photo at right, or set them side-by-side under a bench.

Tongue & Groove Joinery18

Solid, dependable, and easy to make -- tongue and groove joinery gets high marks for all three. We show you how to cut this basic joint on the table saw, providing tips and techniques for getting great results every time.

Table Saw Workstation20

Any shop can benefit by combining tools in a central location. Our two-cabinet workstation features a portable table saw, table-mounted router and fence, and a shop vacuum -- along with a pair of drawers for storing all your accessories.

  • Page 23: Materials & Hardware
    List indicates that piece K - Drawer Fronts/Backs and piece L - Drawer Sides are 3/4" but that should be 1/2". (Instructions and drawings are correct.)
  • Page 29: Instructions for base & fence.
    The second sentence of the second paragraph under subheading Base & Fence needs to be reworded. Sentence begins "And the base has… " but that sentence should read "And an identical notch in the base…".

Online Extras

  • Table Saw Workstation
    Portable power tools, like a table saw or router, are great when you’re working away from the shop. But once they’re back “home,” the challenge is to make them perform like hard-working stationary tools. This workstation provides the solution.

6-Step Router Plate Installation30

Fitting a router plate into the top of a table saw doesn't have to be a hassle. We'll show you step-by-step how to do this successfully using a hand-held router and a set of shop-made guides.

Tool Chest32

Sometimes the smallest tool packs the biggest punch. This issue's tool slips easily in the pocket of your apron so it's always close at hand when you need it.

Shop Talk34

See how something as simple as the grain of a workpiece can dramatically affect the look of a project.

Scenes from the Shop36