ShopNotes #67 2003-01-01

January 2003
Issue 67

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Miter Saw Table & Fence6

Finally, a better way to cut small pieces on a miter saw. This shop-made accessory fits over the table saw and makes cutting small, hard-to-hold pieces easy, accurate, and safe.

  • Page 9: Figure 3, detail b
    Measurement at upper left should be 1/2", not 3/8" as originally printed.
  • Page 10: Figure 8 detail a
    Measurement at upper left edge should be 5/32", not 5/16" as originally printed.

10 "Must Have" Router Bits12

You don't need a drawer full of router bits to build great woodworking projects. We "profile" ten bits that will allow you to accomplish just about any routing task you'll face.

Mini-Lathe Stand14

Turn your mini-lathe into a full-fledged turning center. This stand has everything you need -- it's rock solid, easy to build, and provides storage for all your turning tools and accessories.

Online Extras

  • Mini-Lathe Stand
    A mini-lathe packs some pretty serious turning capability into a tiny package. But just because they are small doesn’t mean that you can set your mini-lathe up on a wimpy, lightweight stand. Just like a full-size lathe, a mini-lathe needs a stand that is heavy and rigid enough to absorb vibrations.

Miter Saw Quick Tips & Simple Jigs22

It's often the little things that help you get the most out of a tool. With a few tips and jigs, you'll be turning to your miter saw more often for more of your woodworking needs.

Rotary Tool Storage Case26

A rotary tool is a handy item to have, but it can be a real challenge to keep track of its accessories. This wall-mounted storage case organizes and stores it all -- yet its convenient size makes it easy to carry to right where you need it, whether it's in the shop or around the house.

Shop Talk32

Learn what's new in construction materials. In this issue, we talk about the changing world of pressure-treated lumber.

Tool Chest34

The final look of a project "hinges" on adding the hardware. We feature a set of special bits that will make installing hinges easy by drilling perfectly centered screw holes.

Scenes from the Shop36