ShopNotes #70 2003-07-01

July 2003
Issue 70

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

15 Hold-Down Solutions6

Hold it! That's the whole idea with each of these items.

Drill Press Hold-Down10

Get a grip on practically anything with this accessory.

Workbench Board Jack12

This adjustable support is an extra hand when working with long stock at your workbench.

Six Solutions for Drilling and Driving14

Simple tips and tools for getting the best results with screws.

Shop-Built Gear Box16

Rugged construction and heavy-duty hardware make this a versatile storage box that you won't have to baby.

  • Page 17: Materials list
    Two errors. 1. For piece J - Lid Stop, list indicates you need 3 x 82 (rgh.) - 1/4 ply. But it should be 3 1/4" x 82 (rgh) ply. 2. List indicates piece L - Sides need 2 15/16 x 13 1/2 - 1/2 ply. But it should be 2 15/16 x 13 - 1/2 ply.
  • Page 20: Figure 4
    Measurement for piece J - Lid Stop should be 3 1/4" not 3" as originally printed.
  • Page 22: Figure 7
    Length measurement for piece L - Drawer Side should be 13", not 13 1/2" as originally printed.

Online Extras

  • Shop-Built Gear Box
    Rugged plywood construction reinforced with aluminum angle means this gear box can handle any storage task — in or out of the shop.

Table Saw Storage Drawer24

Clear the top of your table saw once and for all with this quick project that fits in unused space.

Trim Routers26

Big results in a small package. Trim routers can handle a lot more than just plastic laminate.

Working with Plastic Laminate30

Find out how to put this versatile material to use in your shop.

Tool Chest32

Get sharp edges fast with these new ceramic stones.

Shop Talk34

Learn what drives the cost of milled hardwood lumber.

Scenes from the Shop36