ShopNotes #72 2003-11-01

November 2003
Issue 72

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Drill Press Belt Sander6

Get more out of your drill press by making it work harder. This shop-made accessory turns your drill press into a belt sander that works every bit as well as a floor model.

  • Page 10: Figure 6 detail a
    Diameter of hole on the right edge printed as 3/8" but it should be 1/8".
  • Page 13: Materials
    The Short Supports are labeled as being piece R, but it should be T. Drawing is correct.

Removing Rust with Electrolysis14

Removing rust from tools can be a big hassle. With a little "power" you can make quick work of it. We'll show you how to do it with ease using our step-by-step instructions.

Modular Outfeed System16

Make it easier to handle large or long stock safely on the table saw. This handy outfeed system can be configured in a number of ways to support long stock, large sheet goods, or anything in between.

Building a Laminated Benchtop20

Nothing says solid and heavy duty like a laminated benchtop. But making one without spending a lot of time getting it flat and smooth seems almost impossible. Check out the procedure we use that results in a perfectly flat top in no time at all.

Fold-Down Workstation22

A heavy-duty woodworking bench that takes up a little over four square feet of floor space when it's stored? You bet. Add some storage -- an easy-access tool rack and a wall-mounted cabinet -- and turn it into a full-fledged workstation.

  • Page 30: Figure 8 detail c
    Drawing indicates that the side extends 1/2" below the bottom but it should be 3/4".

Online Extras

  • Fold-Down Workstation
    This workstation has it all — a space-saving, fold-down workbench, easy-access tool rack, and plenty of storage in a wall-mounted cabinet.

Tool Chest32

Most sharpening systems can't do it all. But the one we use every day comes as close as you can get.

Shop Talk34

Have a great woodworking invention and want to protect it? Here's what you need to know about patents.

Scenes from the Shop36