ShopNotes #74 2004-03-01

March 2004
Issue 74

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Hinge Mortising Jig6

Cutting a perfect mortise for a hinge on a project can be a challenge. Our new jig makes it automatic by using the hinge to set up the jig. Then a trim router does the work.

  • Page 8: Figure 2
    Measurement of height along right edge printed as 7 1/2" but should be 10 3/8".
  • Page 8: Figure 2
    The 2-5/8" dimension shown for the hole location should be 2-3/4".

Hardware Storage Cabinet12

Keep hardware stored out of the way, yet easy to find, with this versatile storage cabinet. It features two different-size drawers, an adjustable partitioning system, and a unique drawer front that combines the pull and labeling system in a single unit.

  • Page 13: Materials list
    The list indicates that you need 12 each of pieces J - Large Drwr. Frt./Backs and K - Large Drwr. Sides, but you only need 6 of each.

Online Extras

  • Hardware Storage Cabinet
    The drawers all ride on wood runners, so they slide nice and smooth. Inside each drawer there are plenty of compartments to help you keep all your hardware separated and organized. And the deeper drawers are great for other supplies, or even hand tools.

3-in-1 Cut Off Sled18

Cut-off sleds have been around for a long time. What makes this one different is the reversible fences can handle 90° cuts as well as 45° miters -- with precision.

Add-On Tenoning Jig24

To make the cut-off sled even more useful, you can add an easy-to-build tenoning jig. With it you can cut smooth-faced tenon cheeks quickly and accurately.

  • Page 25: Figure 2
    The location of T-Track should be added. It is located 5" from the bottom of piece I.

Extendable Drill Press Table26

Solve the hassle of supporting your workpiece with this drill press table. Wings extend out to provide solid support when you need it -- and store out of the way when you don't.

Shop Talk32

What would you do if you lost all your shop equipment? Here's what you need to know about shop insurance.

Tool Chest34

Quiet and powerful. Two words you don't expect in the same sentence describing a shop vacuum. But the vacuum reviewed in this issue is both -- and it features automatic operation.

Scenes from the Shop36