ShopNotes #75 2004-05-01

May 2004
Issue 75

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Sharpening Supplies Box6

The inside of this stacking storage box features multiple compartments on two different layers -- plenty of space for all your sharpening supplies.

Making Box Joints12

Here's a simple table saw technique that allows you to cut the time spent making box joints in half. But don't worry, you won't have to sacrifice accuracy to do it.

Plank-Top Workbench16

This heavy-duty workbench is equally at home in the shop or the garage. And while it only takes a weekend to build, it's guaranteed to give you a lifetime of use.

  • Page 18: Figure 1, End view
    A measurement is misprinted/omitted. The distance between the dadoes is 8 3/4", but the line bearing that measurement is drawn from the top of the piece down to the top of the second dado. The distance from the top of the piece to the top of the second dado is actually 12 1/2".

Online Extras

  • Making a Longer Plank-top Workbench
    The Plank-Top Workbench in issue No. 75 will work fine in most workshops. If you need something smaller, all you have to do is shorten up the stretchers and cleats. But if you’d like a longer workbench, you’ll want to consider adding some additional support for the top.

Machinist's Vises22

Discover what a machineist's vise can do for you and what to look for when selecting one for your shop. Plus learn about some handy vise accessories.

Dual Tool Station24

This tool station pulls double duty by serving as a planer stand as well as a miter saw station -- complete with extension wings and fences.

Online Extras

  • Dual Tool Station
    Making use of a miter saw or planer is often a compromise. For a long time I simply set one or the other on the top of my workbench, setting up makeshift supports when I needed to work with long stock. But this dual tool station allows me to make better use of both tools without tying up my bench.

Shop Talk32

Looking for just the right part or hardware item for your next project? Here's a peek at some of our "secret" supply sources.

Tool Chest34

Take the hassle out of fine-tuning the width of your dadoes with this innovative stack dado blade.

Scenes from the Shop36