ShopNotes #78 2004-11-01

November 2004
Issue 78

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Shop-tested tips to solve common woodworking problems.

Upgrade Your Dust Collector6

Looking to super-charge your single-stage dust collector? We'll show you a few handy add-ons that will help you keep your shop cleaner and save you time.

A New Angle on Framing Squares10

There's more to this handy tool than meets the eye. Take a look at some unique "skills" in your framing square.

Ultimate Layout Square12

With just a few simple changes, you can turn your framing square into a tool you'll be reaching for more often.

Jointer Tune-Up14

Our straightforward techniques will have your jointer running better than new, so you can create perfectly flat, straight, and square stock with ease.

  • Page 16: Text in last paragraph
    The last lines were cut off in the original printing. The sentence should read: "With the knife in place and resting on the leveling screws, snug up the gib bolts a bit (not tight). I like to start with the center gib bolts and work my way out to each end."

Router Miter Trimmer18

Don't settle for poor-fitting miter joints. With this easy-to-build jig and a hand-held router, you can dial-in accuracy for miter joints that fit perfectly.

  • Page 19: Figure 1
    The measurement of piece B - Backstop should be 7/8" x 2" - 42", not 1" x 2" - 42" as originally printed.
  • Page 19: Figure 3
    The measurements on the left end of piece E - Adjustment Block should be 3/16" and 5/16" not 5/16" and 1 1/2" as originally printed.

5 Plywood Shop Projects22

You can build each of these essential shop projects in just a few hours from one or two sheets of plywood.

  • Page 25: Figure 2
    Two incorrect measurements. 1. Drawer Front measurement printed as 5 1/4" x 22 3/4" but should be 5 1/4" x 22 1/4". 2. Measurement of Drawer Bottom printed as 18 1/4" x 21 3/8" - 1/4" Hdbd. But should be 18 1/4" x 21 1/4" - 1/4" Hdbd.
  • Page 31: Illustration of adjustable, stackable assembly boxes
    The dimensions of the 4 boxes in the illustration on the right edge are incorrect. From top to bottom: 1. Height printed as 63" but should be 47". 2. Height printed as 47" but should be 34". 3. Height printed as 22" but should be 23 1/2". 4. Height printed as 15 1/2" but should be 17".
  • Page 29: Figure 2
    The large plywood piece all the fence stuff is being attached to is actually the "TOP" not the "STOP."

Shop Talk32

Every shop needs a precision straightedge (or two) to keep tools tuned and to build projects that are flat and square.

Tool Chest34

The perfect finish? It just might be. We'll show you the one we turn to almost every day for fast, consistent, high-quality results for all our shop projects -- and furniture projects too.

Scenes from the Shop36