ShopNotes #79 2005-01-01

January 2005
Issue 79

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Straight Bits8

We give you the straight scoop on straight bits. You'll be surprised at all there is to know.

  • Page 8: Photo of bit, lower left corner
    The photo is a mirror image of the bit.

4 Favorite Fasteners10

Keeping a good supply of hardware on hand is a must. Here are four fasteners to keep in stock.

  • Page 11: Confirmat screw photo
    The threads are backwards.

Leigh Dovetail Jig12

The ultimate dovetail jig? Considering what you can do with this dovetail jig, you bet.

Shop Short Cuts16

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Slant-Front Tool Cart18

Keep all your tools and supplies close at hand with this roll-around tool cart. There's even a matching tool chest you can build.

  • Page 25: Ripping Narrow Strips illustration
    The splitter is shown as being 1/4" but it should be 1/8".
  • Page 26: Figure 3
    The gap around the drawer false fronts is printed as 1/8" but it should be 1/16".

Online Extras

  • Slant-Front Tool Cart
    Store a shopful of tools and keep them right where you need them with this roll-around tool cart.

Edging with T-Molding28

Cover and protect the edge of plywood and MDF. T-molding makes it quick and easy.

Dado Blade Storage Case30

With just a couple hours of work, you can make a handy storage case to protect your stack dado set when it's not being used.

  • Page 31: Main illustration
    The location of the hole for the T-nut should be 2-1/2" in from the edge of the Center Panel (C). The distance from the bottom of the panel should be 7-3/4".
  • Page 31: Illustration for Setting the Boundary
    The location of the center of the holes for the handle should be 1" from the top edge.
  • Page 31: Text
    The last sentence of the final paragraph should read "...I routed the sharp edges of the cutout with a 1/8" roundover bit."

Brass-Body Hand Plane32

Nothing quite beats the feel of using a hand plane you've made yourself. And this brass-body model works just as good as it looks.

Online Extras

  • Brass-Body Hand Plane
    This fine tool is beautiful to look at and a joy to use. But the greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that you built it yourself.
  • Brass-Body Block Plane
    As a companion to the hand plane in ShopNotes No. 79, we’ve also designed a brass-body block plane. This plane is built using the same techniques covered in that article -- just on a smaller scale.

Working with Brass37

Working with brass doesn't have to be a challenge. Here you'll learn how to cut, shape, solder, and polish brass to a fine finish.

Rotary Tools40

What's new in rotary power tools? Take a peek at a few must-have accessories for your rotary tool.

Best Place For a Table Saw42

Locating your table saw is the key to efficient work. We show you the best place to put it.

Online Extras

  • Scale Tool Drawings
    Locating your table saw will go a long way toward making your workshop more efficient and enjoyable. Use these scale drawings to help lay out your shop.

3 Ways to Cut a Rabbet44

A table saw is the perfect choice for cutting rabbets. Learn three sure-fire ways to do it right.

Space-Saving Storage46

Here's a product that will allow you to reclaim storage space between the studs in your walls.

Roll-Out Shop Flooring48

Make your floor look new again. All you have to do is roll a "new" one in place and cut it to fit.


Scenes from the Shop52