ShopNotes #80 2005-03-01

March 2005
Issue 80

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Multi-Profile Bits8

With only a single bit, you can create dozens of profiles just by adjusting the router bit and fence.

Working with Epoxy10

Here's what you need to know about working with a versatile adhesive -- two-part epoxy.


Doweling joints don't get much easier or more accurate than the Dowelmax system.

Shop Short Cuts14

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Heirloom Tool Cabinet16

With solid frame and panel construction, this heirloom tool cabinet will be a welcome addition to any workshop.

  • Page 25: Materials & Hardware
    Two errors. 1. Labels for pieces AA and BB are reversed. Piece AA is the Drawer Bottom, and BB is Drawer False Front. 2. The measurement of piece BB - Drawer False Fronts is incorrect. It is printed as 3/4 x 4 3/4 - 13 13/16 but it should be 3/4 x 3 3/4 - 13 13/16. (The drawings showing this piece are correct.)

Online Extras

  • Cabinet Base Shelves
    If you want to add even more storage to the heirloom tool cabinet, then these shelves are just the thing for you. Best of all, they put the open space in the base to good use.
  • Heirloom Tool Cabinet
    With plenty of space, classic design, and straightforward joinery, this cabinet is a woodworker’s dream

Fitting Inset Doors26

Fitting inset doors can be a challenge. But with these handy tips and tricks, sure-fire success is only a few steps away.

Knock-Down Wall Shelf28

This knock-down wall shelf is an easy-to-build project for the shop. Or you can use it in the house to display just about anything.

Wedged Mortise & Tenon30

Create a perfect-fitting mortise and tenon on the table saw -- and then secure it with a wedge.

Router Jointer32

Turn your router into a precision jointer that will give you an edge that's smooth, straight, and perfectly square.

  • Page 34: Fence Hole Layout drawing
    A measurement is missing. A 3/8" diameter hole is indicated in the lower left area of the drawing; the drawing should indicate that this hole is 1" up from the lower edge.
  • Page 37: Figure 4
    The dimensions of piece J - Guard Mounting Plate are printed incorrectly. The measurements should be 5" x 6 1/2" - 1/2" ply.

High-Tech Rasps38

Rasps have been around for years. But there's a new breed of rasps every shop should have.

Lumber Storage42

Storing lumber doesn't have to be frustrating. We'll show you how to get it under control.

Preventing Rust46

The best way to deal with rust is to prevent it in the first place. Here's how we do it in our shop.

Slat-Wall Systems48

No matter how serious your storage problem is, a slat-wall system can get you organized.


Scenes from the Shop52