ShopNotes #81 2005-05-01

May 2005
Issue 81

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Get a Grip on Collets8

Small size, big job. Learn all you need to know about router collets.

Going Mobile with Casters10

Want to make your shop "mobile?" Learn the key to buying and using casters.

You can find casters at most hardware stores and home centers. But for a complete range of casters to suit almost any need, check with Dunn & Company. Their contact information is listed below along with a few other mail-order sources that carry the locking, swivel casters we featured in the article on page 10 of ShopNotes No. 81.

All About Twist Bits12

Confused by the wide variety of twist bits? We'll help you sort out the differences.

The article on page 12 of ShopNotes No. 81 shows how a twist bit works. Twist bits are available at any hardware store, home center, or the sources below.

Shop Short Cuts14

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Ultimate Sharpening Station16

This sharpening station features a sliding top, ample storage, and a basin for water. Everything you'll need to keep your tools in top shape.

Online Extras

  • Ultimate Sharpening Station
    With plenty of storage and a slide-out worksurface, this station will keep your sharpening supplies ready for action.

You should be able to find the 4" sash pulls, shelf supports, finish washers, screws, and bumpers for the sharpening station on page 16 of ShopNotes No. 81 at a hardware store or home center.

The plastic tub I used is a 2.4-gallon Rubbermaid Servin’ Saver Plus container (#4025). You should be able to find this container or something similar at any store that carries houseware items.

I ordered the Accuride 20" 3/4-extension drawer slides (39364) and Blum 3/8" overlay face frame hinges (55902) from Rockler. They’re also available from the Woodsmith Store.

Sharpening Stone Holder24

This stone holder is a great sharpening accessory. It's adjustable and the wedge clamp that holds the stone in place is simple and fast.

  • Page 25: End View Illustration
    There are two dimension errors in the "End View" drawing. (1) The 5/16" dimension should read 1/2". (2) The 3/8" dimension should read 3/16".

Perfect Half Laps on the Table Saw26

Half-lap joints are easy to make, incredibly strong, great for face frames, and much more.

Japanese Saw Handle Upgrade28

We'll show you how to cut and fit a new handle for your Japanese saw that not only looks good, but feels good as well.

Great Results With a Circle Cutter30

Cut a perfect hole or disk - once you know how to put this tool to work for you.

Many home centers and most woodworking catalogs sell one or both types of circle cutters shown in the article on page 30 of ShopNotes No. 81. If you have trouble locating a cutter locally, check out the margin sources.

General makes a circle cutter (No. 6) that does both holes (1-3/8" to 6-3/4") and wheels (3/4" to 6-1/4"). They also make a standard circle cutter (No. 55) that cuts holes from 1-3/4" to about 8". And if you only need holes up from 7/8" to 4", the General No. 4 will do the trick.

Adjustable Spindle Sander32

Sanding curved edges was never so easy. This spindle sander uses common sanding sleeves that slip over shop-made drums.

You’ll find most of what you need for the spindle sander at a local hardware store or home center. The only items you might have trouble locating are the flange bearing that supports the drum and the neoprene rubber used for the gaskets.

The flange bearing (6384K363) is available from McMaster-Carr. They also have the 12"-square sheet of neoprene rubber (9455K15). Reid Tool also has a bearing that will work (NB-1070). Just be sure to have either bearing in hand before you drill the flange support block.

Finally, we picked up our sanding sleeves at the Woodsmith Store. But there are a couple other sources listed below that you can order sleeves from.

Getting Connected with Air38

The key to getting the most from your air compressor is choosing the right hoses and fittings.

  • Page 40: Fittings photos - the top two
    The top two photos (A (Aro) and I/M(Industrial) were reversed.

Air hoses and fittings are available at just about every hardware store, home center, auto parts store, and tool center. But for a one-stop shop, check with Bob’s Tools (see below). They carry most of the items shown in the article on page 38 of ShopNotes No. 81.

Breathe Right for Safe Finishing42

Protecting your health is important. Here's what you need to know about respirators.

Miter Saw Upgrade -- Laser Guides46

For accurately lining up a cut on your miter saw, you can't beat a laser.

The saw-mounted laser cutting cutting guide featured on page 46 of ShopNotes No. 81 is available from Laserkerf (see below). Be sure to check with them to ensure it will work with your miter saw.

And if you’d like to try the Avenger arbor-mounted laser guide, check with the two other sources listed below.

Precision Parking Systems48

Stop your car at the same spot -- every time. All you need is a high-tech parking system.

A parking system is a sure way to protect your tools by putting your car in the same spot every time. These systems are available at garage specialty stores, some home centers, and the sources below.

Griot’s Garage carries a number of different parking systems — the Park Zone, Car Stop, and Laser Park Set. Amazon also carries the Park Zone. And the EZpark system is made by Peterson Manufacturing.


Scenes from the Shop52