ShopNotes #82 2005-07-01

July 2005
Issue 82

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Better Results with Backrouting8

Sometimes, routing the wrong way is the right thing to do. We'll show you when to do it and how to do it safely.

Shelf Pins10

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to supporting an adjustable shelf. The right shelf pins are the key.

Shelf Pin Hole Drilling Jigs12

Tired of using a shop-built guide to drill shelf pin holes? A shelf pin drilling jig will give you perfect results time after time.

You can find shelf pins and supports at most home centers and several of the sources listed below.

The Woodsmith Store and Rockler carry the clear plastic drilling guide, along with a variety of drill bits to fit the jig.

Woodhaven carries two versions of a 1/4"-thick phenolic drilling guide. One is set up for holes on 1" centers and the other is 32mm on center. Woodhaven also carries self-centering drill bits to use with the jig, as well as guide bushings and spiral bits, if you’d rather use your router to make the holes.

Shop Short Cuts14

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Miter Saw Workcenter16

This project is the key to getting more out of your miter saw. It features loads of storage, a large worksurface, and an accurate stop and fence system for workpieces of all sizes.

  • Page 22: Figure 6 detail b
    The location of the brass insert is shown as too high.

Online Extras

  • Miter Saw Workcenter
    This workcenter for your sliding compound miter saw is more than just a cabinet. Laminate tops provide smooth surfaces to work on and easy cleanup once the project’s complete. The two shelves add efficiency to the cabinet’s storage capacity. And if you need even more storage, there’s a matching wall cabinet.

There’s quite a bit of hardware required to build the miter saw station. The basic items can be picked up at most hardware stores and home centers. But there are a few that you’ll probably need to order.

The Woodsmith Store carries the flip stop (456390), the 24" and 48" T-track (456306, 456112), and the 12'-long, self-adhesive measuring tapes (273739, 273740).

Rockler carries the T-track (21739, 21753), along with the 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" flange bolts (83311, 33939), no-mortise hinges (28688), shelf supports (30437), and levelers (24315).

The other knobs you’ll need are from Reid Tool. The part number for the 5/16" x 1-1/2" knob is DK-22. And the number for the 5/16" throughhole knob is DK-82.

Get The Most from Your Grinder26

Don't let your grinder sit gathering dust. Learn how to make it earn its keep.

Tool Tote Sawhorses28

Every shop needs a pair of sawhorses. These sawhorses have a handy, adjustable-height top. Plus, there's storage for tools in the bottom well and a built-in hardware tray.

Online Extras

  • Tool Tote Sawhorses
    These sawhorses feature a convenient bin in the base for storing tools, clamps, and other items. And the divided upper tray is a great place to keep often-used hardware and hand tools organized and within easy reach. But here’s the best part -- you can adjust the top of the sawhorse up and down. So no matter what you’re working on, the sawhorse can be set to a comfortable working height.

You can probably get all the hardware you need for the tool tote sawhorses locally. But if you have problems finding the knobs, McMaster-Carr has one you can use (5993K42).

Precision Marking Gauges32

Improve the accuracy of your layouts with this pair of shop-made marking gauges. Made with easy-to-work aluminum, they're sure to be a welcome addition to your tool chest.

  • Page 34: Side View - Small drawing
    The threaded insert and the threaded rod should be #8-32, not #10-32 as printed.
  • Page 34: Side View - Large drawing
    The threaded insert and the threaded rod should be #10-32, not 3/16 x 1 as printed.

For the marking gauges, Small Parts, Inc. has the 1/8"-thick aluminum sheet (SMA-125-B) you’ll need. They also carry the 3/8"- dia. aluminum rod (ZRA-06-12) and the 1/2"-dia. rod (ZRA-08-12).

McMaster-Carr carries similar material along with the wax (1009K22) used to coat the band saw blade before cutting the aluminum.

The Woodsmith Store has buffing wheels (220770) and the polishing compounds (362247). Finally, most auto parts stores have products for cleaning and protecting aluminum.

Polishing & Protecting Aluminum36

We'll show you the step-by-step process it takes to make aluminum shine.

15 Tips for Sanding Success38

These handy tips will take the chore out of sanding and give you great results quickly.

Buying Clamps42

Confused about what clamps you need? Here's our choice on what to buy and why.

The clamps featured in the article on page 42 of ShopNotes No. 82 are available at woodworking stores and some of the mail-order sources below. If you’re looking for a convenient way to put a set of clamps together for your shop, the Woodsmith Store has packaged the clamps into the three sets detailed in the article.

Cutting Perfect Tapers44

The straight story on tapers. Here's what you need to know to get the job done right.

Cord Reels46

The solution to getting power to your tools and storing extension cords is a cord reel.

You can find light-duty fixed and portable cord reels at most hardware stores, home centers, and a couple of the sources below.

If a heavier-duty model (shown in the main photo on page 46 of ShopNotes No. 82) is more to your liking, you can order one from Puckett’s by asking for the Luma-Site (04820). A similar reel (03K51.05) is available from Lee Valley.

For the WonderWinder, contact Lee Valley or Griot’s Garage. And the RAP-100 can be ordered from the Woodsmith Store or Reel-A-Pail.

Garage Lifts48

Hoist systems are a great way to make use of the ceiling space in your garage.

The Harken Hoister lift systems are available directly from the manufacturer (see below). You’ll need to know the lift height and weight requirements to select the correct model. Prices range from $36 to $170. Their website also lists local retailers.

The ProStor HeavyLift (PHL-1R) is available from Racor, Inc. for about $180. Racor carries a number of other storage systems you might want to take a look at as well.


Scenes from the Shop52