ShopNotes #83 2005-09-01

September 2005
Issue 83

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Readers' Tips4

Cove Bits8

Take a closer look at these essential bits and find out how to get top-notch results.

The three styles of cove bits covered in the article on page 8 of ShopNotes No. 83 are available from most woodworking stores as well as the sources listed below. Some home centers may also carry the basic cove bit.

The particular cove bits we featured are made by Freud. Other manufacturers and the Woodsmith Store carry similar cove bits. You’ll find the most useful sizes are the 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" radius bits.

Cam Clamps10

Reduce set-up time on your shop jigs and fixtures with quick-release cam clamps.

Shop Vacuum Upgrades12

Make your shop vacuum more versatile with a few low-cost accessories.

The article on page 12 of ShopNotes No. 83 features a number of accessories you can buy to upgrade your shop vacuum. You should be able to find most of the accessories at any home center.

The only ones you might have trouble locating are the heavy-duty, flexible hose and the filters. The 12'-long hose (12F01.01) is available from Lee Valley. They also have a 24'-long hose (12F01.02) if you need an even longer reach.

As for the filters, a couple of sources for the CleanStream models are listed below.

Shop Short Cuts14

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Modular Workstation16

Make the most out of your shop space with this three-part storage center. Whether you build one, two, or all three pieces, you're sure to have your tools and supplies close at hand.

  • Page 23: Roll-Around Cart piece 'C'
    Roll-Around Cart piece C - Bottom; measurements are printed incorrectly. They are printed as 25 1/2 x 21 1/2 - 3/4 ply. But should be 21 1/2 x 25 1/2 - 3/4 ply.

Online Extras

  • Modular Workstation
    Who couldn’t use extra storage in their shop or garage? The challenge is coming up with a solution that works for the space you have. That’s where this trio of projects comes in.

To build the three pieces of the modular workstation on page 16 of ShopNotes No. 83, you’ll need a variety of hardware. The aluminum channel, screws, and finish washers can be picked up at just about any hardware store or home center.

The rest of the hardware is available from the Woodsmith Store and Rockler. The parts (and model numbers) you’ll need are: pin hinges (26955), 3" wire pulls (39875), 6" wire pulls (44121), shelf pins (33860), 3" swivel casters (31883), and 3" locking casters (31870).

(Edit 10/13: An alternative to the the no-mortise pin hinge from Rockler is the "pivot hinges" from Constantine's.)

Marking Knife24

Get a better grip on your layouts with this shop-made handle for your marking knife.

Other than the blade itself, all the hardware for the marking knife came from a local hardware store.

The 5/16"-wide, right (01.041.08) and left (01.042.08) bevel blades we used are available from Japan Woodworker (see below). Just be sure you have the blades in hand before you cut the grooves in the handle to size. Blade widths can vary slightly, so if you have the blade before you start you can cut the groove to fit perfectly.

Table Saw Accessory Rack28

Keep all of your table saw blades, push sticks, and other accessories within easy reach with this wall rack.

Band Saw Resawing30

Cutting perfect thin boards from thick stock is quick and easy. Learn the secrets.

Router Circle Jig32

Get more from your router. This easy-to-build jig uses an ordinary lazy Susan to accurately rout circular recesses and holes.

There isn’t much hardware required for the router circle jig (page 32 of ShopNotes No. 83). You should be able to find the screws, washers, knobs, and a 6" lazy Susan at a hardware store or home center.

If you have trouble locating a lazy Susan or the 4"-long spiral downcut bit that will give you the best results, check below. Both Amana (46218) and Freud (76-110) make a spiral downcut bit that will work just great.

Choosing a Hacksaw38

New frames and blades make for smoother cuts and better results.

Just about any home center or hardware store will carry a high-tension hacksaw (page 38 of ShopNotes No. 83) and the blades that go with it. But if you should have trouble finding one, check out McMaster-Carr and MSC Industrial (see below).

Getting The Light Right40

Everything you do in the shop starts with good lighting. Here's what you need to know to get your shop out of the shadows.

Classic Cove Molding42

With a little time at the table saw, you can top off your project with some great-looking cove molding. We'll show you how.

Snap-In Table Saw Splitters46

Now, there's no excuse not to use one. These three splitter options add a new level of safety to your saw and can be removed in seconds.

A splitter is a must for safely ripping stock on the table saw. The handy snap-in splitters shown on page 46 of ShopNotes No. 83 are all available from the Woodsmith Store and the sources listed below.

Shop Mats48

Work longer and feel better. Here's how to choose an anti-fatigue mat to make working in your shop more comfortable than ever.

Anti-fatigue mats are available from at many hardware stores and home centers. In fact, at many home centers, the matting is on a big roll and you simply pay by the foot for the length you need.

But if you want to choose from a wider variety of materials, styles, and sizes, or order the Dri-Dek tiles to customize the matting in your shop, check out the sources listed below.


Scenes from the Shop52

  • Page 51: Mail Order Sources
    An alternative to the the no-mortise pin hinge from Rockler for the Modular Workstation is the "pivot hinges" from The Mail Order Sources should also include: Constantine's Wood Center 954-561-1716 Pivot Hinges