ShopNotes #85 2006-01-01

January 2006
Issue 85

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Top 10 Router Table Accessories8

Take your router table to the next level with these inexpensive, must-have accessories.

The accessories (or similar versions) shown starting on page 8 of ShopNotes No. 85 are available at most woodworking stores, see below for sources.

Rockler carries the miter track (63018), T-track (21746), and dust port (35317) shown on page 25. They also have aluminum insert plates. You can buy a blank plate (35863) or order one pre-drilled to match specific routers.

If you use a Rockler plate, an easy way to create the opening in your router table is to use their template (26505) and 1/2" pattern bit (33536).

Precision Miter Bars12

You'll appreciate the usefulness of these miter bars any time you build a jig or fixture.

The article on page 12 of ShopNotes No. 85 features after-market miter bars you can use to build your own jigs and fixtures. Both the Incra and Kreg bars are available from the Woodsmith Store. Contact information for ordering the Rockler and Woodhaven miter bars, as well as sources for ordering material to make your own miter bars, are listed below.

Choosing Brad Point Bits14

Not all brad point bits are the same. Find out what separates the best from the rest.

You can find brad point bits at many hardware stores. But to get high-quality bits, a woodworking supplier is a better choice. The Woodsmith Store carries Fisch brad point bits. Lee Valley and Woodcraft offer individual and sets of quality brad point bits as well.

Shop Short Cuts16

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Quick & Easy Router Table18

With just a single sheet of plywood and a handful of hardware, you can build a top-notch router table in a weekend. Later, you can upgrade it with a support stand, doors, and drawers.

  • Page 19: Cutting Diagram
    The diagram contains a part labeled "U" but the project does not have a part U.
  • Page 25: Materials
    The woodscrews for attaching the drawer guides should be 3/4", not 7/8" as shown.
  • Page 21: Figure 2
    Part O (Arm) should be 13", not 12 1/2" as originally printed. Also that part should be labeled "Support Arm" in figure 2 and on the materials list on page 22.
  • Page 22: Materials List
    Three Corrections: (1) Part O (Prop) should be labeled "Support Arm". (2) Dimensions of piece E - Drawer Guides printed as 13 1/2 x 2 1/2 - 1/2 ply., but should be 15 1/4 x 2 1/2 - 1/2 ply. (3) The materials list incorrectly states that 4 T-knobs are needed; the project requires only 2.
  • Page 19: Online Extra
    Two corrections: (a) Toe Kick (D) should be 2-5/8” wide, not 12-5/8” wide. (2) Side Cleats (E) should be 15-1/2” long, not 22-1/4” long. (The online extra PDF has been replaced on

Online Extras

  • Quick & Easy Router Table Upgrade
    The Quick & Easy Router Table is packed with many impressive features. But if you'd like to upgrade it and make it even more versatile you can add a stand with adjustable shelves. And for the ultimate router table you can add a door and some drawers.
  • Installing a Router Plate
    Whenever it comes to installing a router plate, the challenge is always in sizing the opening to match the plate exactly. For the router table in issue No. 85, I purchased a template that matched the router plate I used. But you can get the same results by making your own “template.” And you can use this method to create an opening for any size or type of plate.

Building the basic router table on page 18 of ShopNotes No. 85 doesn't require much hardware. I picked up a piano hinge at a local hardware store, along with the carriage bolts, locknut, and washers. If you have trouble locating knobs, Rockler carries 5/16" T-knobs (71514).

Adding the stand. If you decide to build the router table stand with shelves, the only other hardware you'll need is a set of shelf pin supports. The twelve pins (22773) I used came from Rockler.

For the router table stand with the door and drawers, you'll only need four shelf pins, a pair of Rockler spring hinges (28845), and a few screws for the drawer runners.

No-Fuss Drawers on the Router Table26

Building drawers doesn't have to be a hassle. You can build a sold drawer quickly and easily with just a single router bit.

Hardware Organizer28

Keeping track of the small stuff can be a challenge. Build this hardware organizer and you'll be able to find just what you need in no time at all.

You can probably find the piano hinge, door pulls, and aluminum bar stock for the hardware cabinet on page 28 of ShopNotes No. 85 at any hardware store. Lee Valley carries the magnets (99K31.03), cups (99K32.53), and washers (99K32.63) used to keep the doors open or closed. The small storage bins (Model 30210) are made by Akro-Mils (see below). These storage bins (or similar ones) are available at many hardware stores and home centers.

Flat Panels Fast32

Flat, smooth panels in an hour -- all you need are a belt sander and these simple steps.

Table Saw Miter Sled34

Are perfect miter cuts just a dream? With this sled, you'll be cutting dead-on miters every time.

  • Page 51: Anti-Slip Tape item number
    The Reid Supply item number is JT-35109. (It was originally printed as JT-31009.)

Besides a few pieces of hardware, the miter sled requires flange bolts (33965), T-track (4502024), and knobs (23804) available from the Woodsmith Store. They also carry the Kreg miter bars (273736). The anti-slip tape (JT-35109) came from Reid Tool. For the fence extensions, you’ll need another piece of T-track, four 1/4" threaded inserts, studded knobs (23838) and a piece of aluminum angle.

Splinter-Free Cuts in Plywood40

Learn all you need to know to get clean, splinter-free cuts in plywood time after time.

Versatile Pegboard42

Put pegboards to use in your shop this weekend with these seven handy ideas.

Setting up for Safe Ripping44

Here's what you need to know to make safe rip cuts on the table saw a sure thing.

Zero-Clearance Inserts46

Want to improve the cut of your table saw? We take a look at zero-clearance inserts.

Replacing the insert in your table saw with a zero-clearance insert is one of the best ways to improve the quality of the cuts you make. Table saw inserts are available from a number of sources (see below). All you’ll need to know before ordering one is the make and model of your saw.

Handy Hang-Ups48

Conquering the clutter in a garage isn't a problem with this handy organizing system.


  • Page 50: Chart listing insert size and hold size
    Two corrections. 1. The hole sizes for insert size 5/16 - 18, hardwood is printed as 19/16 but should be 9/16. 2. The hole size for 3/8 - 16, hardwood is printed as 19/16 but should be 9/16.

Threaded inserts are must-have pieces of hardware for making jigs and fixtures as well as knock-down projects. The tricky part can be installing them. The Woodsmith Store (see below) carries a wide variety of threaded inserts. And they have a handy jig (721375) that makes installing 1/4" and 5/16" inserts a snap.

Scenes from the Shop52