ShopNotes #91 2007-01-01

January 2007
Issue 91

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Great Results with Profile Bits8

Here are a few tried-and-true tips for getting top-notch results from your router bits.

Metal Drawer Slides10

Metal drawer slides can handle a lot of weight and are easy to install. Here's what you need to know before choosing and using them.

To make the drawers on your project open smoothly and quietly, you'll need to start with drawer slides like those in the article on page 10 of ShopNotes No. 91. The Blum epoxy-coated, low-profile (34843), Accuride 3/4-extension (39348), Accuride full-extension (32482), and Accuride over-travel (35627) slides, as well as the face frame brackets for each slide, all came from Rockler. These drawer slides are also available from the Woodsmith Store.


These inexpensive accessories will make working with your table saw, band saw, and router table safer and more accurate.

A featherboard can help you make safe, accurate cuts at the band saw, table saw, or router table. Some of the featherboards on page 14 of ShopNotes No. 91 can be found at your local home center or woodworking store. But a couple of them may be harder to find.

The adjustable, wood featherboard with aluminum hold-down (03K0402) came from Lee Valley.  I ordered the Grip-Tite magnetic featherboard (33072) from Rockler.  You'll also find them at Highland Woodworking, Woodcraft, and the Woodsmith Store.

Shop Short Cuts16

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Mobile Planer Stand18

This mobile stand provides plenty of extra storage space and its outfeed support makes working with long stock a breeze. Best of all, it stores in a compact space.

  • Page 20: Figure 1
    The 10" dimension shown on the upper part of piece A (Side) should be measured from the top edge of the cart, not the top edge of the dado as shown; in other words, the arrow should go to the same leader line as the 13-3/4" dimension line. If measured from the top of the cart, the side filler panel sizes and drawer size work out. If someone builds it as shown, they would need to make the filler panels wider, the drawer shallower, and the back panel narrower.
  • Page 51: Sources
    The sources originally listed an incorrect item number for the star knobs from Rockler. The correct knobs are item number 23804. This model has a through hole.
  • Page 19: Online Extra Cutting Diagram
    On the second board, the illustration shows parts measuring over 100" but the board is only 96" long. A workaround is to switch part H on this board with parts Q and R (or S) on the third board.

Online Extras

  • Mobile Planer Stand
    Pound for pound, a portable planer has to be one of the hardest-working machines in the shop. And when you combine your planer with this versatile stand, for you, the work will get a lot easier.

You can get most of the materials needed to build the planer stand on page 18 of ShopNotes No. 91 at your local home center. But a few items may be a little harder for you to find.

I ordered the 1/4"-20 star knobs (23804) and threaded inserts (28803) from Rockler. These items are also available from McFeely's.

The 3" locking swivel casters (31870) make it easy to move the stand around the shop. The casters I used came from Rockler.

Tips & Techniques for Power Sanding26

Follow our simple, foolproof steps for great results with your random-orbit sander. You'll get a super-smooth surface in less time.

Tab-and-Slot Tool Tote28

You'll be amazed at just how much this lightweight tote can hold. What's even more impressive is how easy it is to build.

Online Extras

  • Tab-and-Slot Tool Tote
    This tool tote reminds me of the interlocking cardboard or sheet metal toys I had as a kid — the kind where you assembled them by “inserting tab A into slot B.” Unlike those toys, this tote isn’t some flimsy box. Once all the parts are together, they interlock to form a rigid, sturdy assembly.

Working with Aluminum34

Aluminum can really dress up a project. And you won't need any special tools to work with it.

Aluminum Squares36

Build your own precision layout tool. All it takes are a few pieces of aluminum and a little time at the table saw and drill press.

The aluminum squares from page 36 of ShopNotes No. 91 are easy to build and make a great addition to your shop. But you'll need a few items you may not have around the shop.

You can find the bar stock, springloaded center punch, taps, drill bits, and files you'll need at your local hardware store or home improvement center. If you have difficulty finding the bar stock, it can be ordered from McMaster-Carr.

You will need a couple of supplies when it comes time to drill and tap the aluminum. To help reduce heat during drilling, I used Tap-Ease (1009K22) lubricant. And to make it easier to tap the threads in the aluminum, I used cutting fluid (1413K42). Both of these can be ordered from McMaster-Carr.

Planer Tune-Up40

This step-by-step approach will have your planer creating perfect boards in a short time.

The article on page 40 in ShopNotes No. 91 shows you how to tune up your planer to make it run like new. And everything you need for the job is easy to find.

Most woodworking stores will carry the bit and blade cleaners you'll need for removing pitch and resin. I was able to get a spray can of lithium grease, the synthetic abrasive pads, and the motor brushes I needed to complete my tune-up at a local hardware store.

Turn Down the Noise44

Take a look at a few low-cost ways to turn down the volume on your power tools.

  • Page 45: Illustration
    The drawing says to "Drill six 3/16"-dia. through holes" but the hole diameter should be 9/16". Also the holes should be drilled all the way through the pipe.

Reducing the noise in your shop is often as simple as adding a few of the items featured on page 44 of ShopNotes No. 91.  Rubber isolation mounts and antivibration pads are available from both Reid Tool and McMaster-Carr.  I was able to find the link belt, machined steel pulleys, and blade stabilizer at the Woodsmith Store.

Setting up for Dead-On Dadoes46

We'll show you the secrets to cutting clean, crisp dadoes in any material.

Yankee-Style Screwdrivers48

These "old fashioned" tools can make driving screws nearly effortless.

A spiral ratcheting screwdriver, like those featured in the article on page 48 in ShopNotes No. 91, is a handy tool to have around the shop. If you want one of the original Yankee drivers, you'll need to order it from Garrett Wade. But you can order other Yankee-style drivers and accessories to go with them from Lee Valley, McFeely's, and Highland Woodworking. Contact information for these sources can be found below.


Scenes from the Shop52