ShopNotes #92 2007-03-01

March 2007
Issue 92

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Raised Panels on the Router Table8

With just an auxiliary fence and ordinary router bits, you can quickly create great-looking raised panels at your router table.

Heavy-Duty Wall Anchors10

Use these simple fasteners to securely and easily attach wall-mounted cabinets.

Mounting a cabinet to a wall is a challenge if you don't have a wall stud in the right place. The solution is a wall anchor, like the ones featured on page 10 of ShopNotes No. 92. If you have trouble locating them at a local hardware store or home center, check with McMaster-Carr (below).

Plywood Edging Bits12

Hiding the edges of plywood is a snap with this easy-to-use router bit system.

Covering up the edges of plywood can be a hassle. But with the Burgess Edge bits shown on page 12 of ShopNotes No. 92, it's quick and easy to cut mating profiles that match perfectly. These sets are available for both 1/2"-thick and 3/4"-thick material. The adjustable bullnose profile bit is available for only the 3/4" material.

All the bits are available from the Burgess Edge. And Lee Valley carries the bits for 3/4" material (16J94.01, 16J94.03). Rockler has the bits for both 1/2" (26018) and 3/4" (25854) stock. Check below for ordering information.

Shop Short Cuts14

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

One-Wall Workshop16

Turn any wall into a compact, easy-to-use workcenter. Starting with purchased cabinets, you can customize the project with pegboard storage panels, open tool cubbies, beefy benchtops, and a flip-up workbench.

  • Page 23: Figure 5
    Part BB (stile) should be 12 7/8" in length, not 13 5/8" as printed.
  • Page 27: Materials list
    Part BB (stile) should be 12 7/8" in length, not 13 5/8" as printed.
  • Page 23: Figure 5
    The dimension that reads 7 1/4 (from the end of the top to the first hinge) should actually be 3 1/4.

Online Extras

  • One-Wall Workshop
    The "one-wall workshop" starts with standard garage shop cabinets you can purchase online or pick up from a local dealer. This way, you can concentrate on organizing your shop and working on projects instead of spending time building basic storage cabinets and doors.

The cabinets for the one-wall workshop on page 16 of ShopNotes No. 92 were obtained from Garage Storage Cabinets. Contact information is below.

To customize the project, you'll also need additional items. The face vise (68888) was ordered from Rockler.  And Woodworker's Hardware carries the wire pulls (A7631326D) we swapped out on the cabinet doors.

If you plan to add lighting, we used 48" GE Premium Direct Wire Fluorescents and 13" GE Advanced Linkable Halogen Lights from local home center.

For the tail vise, you'll need a 9" press screw (13F17.01) and Veritas Bench Pups (05G04.04) from Lee Valley. And if you decide to build the workbench without the tail vise, the Veritas Wonder Pup (05G10.02), along with one bench pup (05G04.03), will make any clamping task simple.

Finally, to paint the cabinets, we used Lady Bug Red (1322) in Eggshell AquaVelvet and Antique Parchment (959) in Satin Impervo. Both are available from a Benjamin Moore dealer. To prepare the surface of the cabinets, we used a fast-drying, oilbased primer with a gray tint.

Rabbeted Case Construction28

Building a basic shop cabinet doesn't have to be a challenge. With ordinary rabbet joints, you can create rock-solid cases in no time.

Cleanup Center30

Your shop will stay neat and tidy when all your cleaning supplies are organized and close at hand in this handy storage center.

Online Extras

  • Cleanup Center
    I've built a lot of storage cabinets for my tools and hardware, so I always know right where to find them. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for my cleaning supplies. To solve this problem I built the heavy-duty cleanup center you see above.

All the hardware for the cleanup center on page 30 of ShopNotes No. 92 is pretty common. The only challenge may be finding the 30# kraft paper roll used to protect your benchtops and worksurfaces. offers the 30"-wide roll as item number 35961. But similar rolls are available from a number of sources, including Office Depot and McMaster-Carr listed below.

Working with Dimensional Lumber34

From lumberyard to your next project -- here's how to get the most out of your dimensional lumber.

Dust-Free Blade Cover36

Getting tired of dealing with all the dust from your table saw? This shop-made blade cover will put the dust in its place.

  • Page 92: Figure 2
    We call for 1-1/2" conduit in the art, but it should be 1-1/4" conduit.

The shop-made blade cover shown on page 36 of ShopNotes No. 92 is a great way to improve the dust collection from your table saw. A hardware store will carry most of what you need. For the knobs (23812), contact Rockler. And if you need the crevice tool (Ridgid VT2502), check with Home Depot.

Pre-Fab Shop Cabinets40

Inexpensive, manufactured shop cabinets can make organizing your shop a breeze.

7 Must-Have Table Saw Accessories42

Work safer, faster, and more accurately with these handy, shop-built jigs and accessories.

  • Page 43: Exploded view illustration
    The carriage bolt holding the flip stop to the block should be 3" long, rather than 2".

Snug-Fitting Tenons46

A dado blade and the right technique are all you need to cut perfect-fitting tenons every time.

Miter Saw Accessories48

Get better results and improved accuracy from your miter saw with these great upgrades.

Online Extras

  • Miter Saw Accessories
    I don't think a day goes by in my shop that the miter saw doesn't get used. It's great for cutting pieces to length, making angled cuts, or trimming an extra "hair" off a workpiece to get a good fit. In short, it's a shop workhorse. But the saw by itself is more suited to a construction site than a workshop. Thankfully, the accessories in this article can make your miter saw more accurate, safer, and more enjoyable to use.

Whether you're cutting stock to rough length or trimming off a hair for a perfect fit, a miter saw can't be beat. For even more versatility and accuracy, you can add upgrades like the ones on page 48 of ShopNotes No. 92.

The Downdrafter is available from a couple of the sources listed below. The Amazon item number is B0006FRAVQ. And if you order through Eagle America, ask for item number 485-3870.

The Kreg Precision Measurement System is available from a number of mail-order sources, including Rockler (29415), Woodcraft (146487), and the Woodsmith Store.

And finally, the Crown-Cut Jig from Bench Dog Tools is available from both Amazon (B0006FKGGC) and the Woodsmith Store.


Scenes from the Shop52