ShopNotes #94 2007-07-01

July 2007
Issue 94

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Foolproof Hinge Mortises8

Here's a simple jig and technique for routing flawless hinge mortises.

All it takes to rout perfect-fitting hinge mortises is the jig shown on page 8 of ShopNotes No. 94 and a dado cleanout bit. The one used with the jig is a ½″-dia. bit with a ¼″ shank. The Amana number for this bit is 45460-S and it's available from the Woodsmith Store (below).

Easy & Accurate Thin-Strip Ripping10

Looking for great results when ripping thin strips? These techniques show you how.

You can make ripping thin strips easier with the techniques and jigs starting on page 10 of ShopNotes No. 94. Sources for specialty saw blades are listed below. And McMaster-Carr carries the bearing (60355K37) for the long strip jig.

Power Up Your Drill Press14

With a few handy add-ons, you can make your drill press even more accurate and versatile.

A drill press is a shop workhorse. And with just a few of the add-on accessories starting on page 14 of ShopNotes No. 94, you can make yours work harder and more accurately than ever.

Woodcraft (146709) and Steel City Tools (25410) carry the laser system. If low-tech is more your style, you can order a centering pin (50J50.01) from Lee Valley. For upgrades to your chuck key, give McMaster-Carr or Lee Valley a call. And Woodcraft has the keyless chuck. The contact information for these sources is listed below.

Finally, hold-downs and vises for your drill press are carried by Woodcraft, Rockler, and Lee Valley. Their websites are a great way to check out what they offer.

Drill Press Table & Fence System18

Get more from your drill press with this top-notch upgrade. Built-in dust collection, a large worksurface, and easy clamping features make it a must-have.

  • Page 25: Figure 6, detail B
    The drill press base should be shown set back 1/2" from the front edge of the cast iron table. The drawer front should be flush with the front of the cast iron table, as shown in the photo on page 24.

Online Extras

  • Drill Press Table & Fence System
    When I turn to the drill press, it's because I need precisely placed and perfectly straight holes. But the standard, cast iron table won't support anything but the smallest workpiece. Then, trying to clamp a workpiece in place can be a frustrating exercise. And you can forget about dust collection. The table and fence system in ShopNotes No. 94 solves all these problems. It turns your drill press into a precision woodworking tool.

You can find most of the hardware you'll need to build the drill press table at a hardware store or home center. But some items may be a challenge to locate.

The knobs (23812), T-track (21746), T-nuts (26062), and flange bolts (39532) are available from Rockler. And if you decide to add the drawer, the 8" full-extension drawer slides (KV4100 PO8) are available from Woodworker's Hardware and the pull (DUH-50) for the drawer is carried by Reid Tool.

Shop Short Cuts26

Shop-tested techniques and tips to solve your woodworking problems.

Cutoff Storage Bins28

Keeping short stock and cutoffs organized is a challenge. But in a weekend, you can build this handy storage system with a few sheets of MDF and some hardboard.

Online Extras

  • Cutoff Storage Bins
    For a long time, my "system" for storing short pieces of wood was simple -- squirrel it away in every nook and cranny I could find. The problem with this arrangement was lack of organization. I didn't always know what I had on hand. So, to tackle this problem, I built the cutoff bins featured in ShopNotes No. 94.

The stacking cutoff bins on page 28 of ShopNotes No. 94 are assembled with Confirmat-style screws designed for MDF. McFeely's carries the 5mm x 40mm screws (5040-CSP) as well as a countersink bit (MS-0540) designed to ensure the head is flush with the surface of the workpiece.

Perfect Miters -- Top 10 Tips32

Follow these time-tested tips and techniques for cutting and assembling tight-fitting miters every time -- guaranteed.

Cutting perfect miters is always a challenge. To help you set up your miter gauge correctly, you may want to consider the set-up gauges shown on page 32 of ShopNotes No. 94. They're available from MiterSet and Woodhaven.

Miter Vise36

Featuring sturdy arms and an adjustable clamping block, this vise lends a hand when gluing up miter joints of almost any size.

A hardware store or home center will have most of the hardware you need for the miter vise on page 36 of ShopNotes No. 94. If you have trouble locating knobs, check out the website for Reid Tool.

Getting More Out of Cordless Drills42

Getting the best results from this shop workhorse means knowing the basics.

Small Shop Set-Up Secrets44

Arrange your workbench and power tools to make the most of limited space.

The Basics of Edgebanding46

Edgebanding is a great way to hide a plywood edge. Here's what you need to know to choose and use edgebanding for your projects.

Before you order edgebanding like the types shown on page 46 of ShopNotes No. 94, you'll need to determine the type, width, and length you need. Edgebanding comes in a wide range of materials and in widths between 13/16" to 2-3/8". And the rolls vary in length from 6' to 250' long.

Rockler carries all the edgebanding, the iron (68353), and the double-edged trimmer (43208) shown in the article. Edgebanding supplies are also available from the Woodsmith Store and other sources listed below.

The Versatile Micro-Pinner48

A pin nailer makes attaching molding profiles a breeze -- and almost invisible.

Micro-pinners, like the ones shown on page 48 of ShopNotes No. 94, are fast becoming a must-have shop tool. The Porter-Cable model (PIN100) is available from the Woodsmith Store. And the Grex P635 micro-pinner is available from Amazon.


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