ShopNotes #96 2007-11-01

November 2007
Issue 96

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

A Quick and Sturdy Drawer Joint8

Looking for top-notch drawer joinery that's easy to do? All it takes is a drawer joint bit.

Several sources are available to order the drawer lock bits. The bits shown in the article on page 8 came from Rockler (22637), the CMT bits (855.502.11) from Woodcraft, and the Amana bits (55386) from the Woodsmith Store.

Choosing & Using Bit & Blade Cleaners10

Learn how to keep your saw blades and bits clean for better performance.

Most of the cleaners used in the article on page 10 of ShopNotes No. 96 can be found locally, but a few are only available through online retailers.

Rockler sells its own Saw Blade Cleaning Kit (63214). Lestoil Grease and Stain Remover is available at Ace Hardware Stores. Extreme Simple Green Aircraft and Precision Cleaner can be purchased from online retailer SkyGeek.

5 Combination Square Quick Tips12

A combination square is one tool that will guarantee better layouts and results. We cover the basics of using this versatile tool.

Super-Strong Draw-Bolt Joinery14

For rock-solid construction, it’s hard to beat a draw-bolt joint. Here’s how to do it right.

You can use ordinary hex bolts, washers, and nuts for draw-bolt joinery, but several specialty bolts sets are available as well.

The bed bolts (99277) shown in the article on page 15 came from Rockler. You can also order the installation wrench (18615).

The bench bolts (05G07.01) were ordered from Lee Valley.

Multi-Purpose Disk Sander16

A disk sander is a great addition to any shop. This sander features adjustable speeds, a tilting table, and low-cost MDF construction. And the top pivots to provide quick access to accessories that mount on the rear shaft.

  • Page 20: Figure 1, Top View
    The Top View illustration shows the motor runner positioned 2 15/16" from the front edge. This dimension should be 3 11/16".

Online Extras

  • Multi-Purpose Disk Sander
    Having the right tool for the job certainly makes a woodworking task easier. Take shaping and smoothing parts, for example. Getting smooth, even curves can be tough to do by hand or with portable sanders. But after building this disk sander, those hassles are a thing of the past.

Building the disk sander on page 16 of ShopNotes No. 96 takes quite a bit of hardware. You should find the washers, woodscrews, threaded inserts, rods, and hinges at your local hardware store or home center. However, there are a few things you’ll need to order.

The 1/2-hp electric motor with overload (5990K15) came from McMaster-Carr. The company also has several other items: the 5/8" x 18 hardened shaft (6061K141), the 5/8"dia., 1/2"-20 accessory arbor (43555A25), and the 5/8" x 13/8" ball bearing (60355K37). In addition, the three-step pulleys (6213K72) and the 7' twist-lock link-belt (6173K37) all came from there.

Lee Valley sells the 3/4″ x 24″ miter track (12K79.06) and the 1/4″ x 1/2″ rare-earth magnets (99K36.02). Reid Supply has the 5/8″ bore pillow blocks (PRB-108) and the 3/8″-16 x 1-1/2″ aluminum knobs (AKA-5).

The 12″ sanding disk (555143) came from Shopsmith. The switch (907-134) was ordered through Woodworker’s Supply.

Shop Short Cuts28

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Custom Chisel Case30

Store your chisels and fine tools in style with this handy, wall-mounted case. You’ll have easy access to any chisel, while other items are stored neatly away behind a closed door.

  • Page 31: Figure 1a
    The drawing gives the impression that screws go through the Back Panel (E) and the Wall Cleat (G) and Lower Cleat before engaging the wall studs. The lower screws do go through both the back and cleat since this part of the case is hidden behind the door. However, the screws at the top are only used for attaching the wall cleat to the wall.

Online Extras

  • Custom Chisel Case
    My chisels get used on just about every project I build. So having them close at hand is a must. Plus, they need to be protected so they stay sharp. The solution to both these problems is this chisel case.

All the hardware for the chisel cabinet on page 30 of ShopNotes No. 96 was ordered through Lee Valley. Here are the part numbers: 2″ no-mortise hinge (00H51.22); 16mm brass knob (01A02.16); 5mm pin supports (00S10.05); 1/4″ rare-earth magnet (99K31.01); 3/8″ magnet cup (99K32.51); 3/8″ strike washer (99K32.61); and #4 x 3/8″ flathead woodscrews (91Z04.02).

Block Plane Tips & Techniques34

Learn how to get the most from your block plane with these tips and techniques.

Sliding Hold Down36

This table saw accessory keeps your work flat against the table. Then it automatically releases to slide with the workpiece.

Finding the materials to build the sliding hold-down on page 36 of ShopNotes No. 96 should be pretty easy at a local hardware store or home center.

For the 16″ drawer slides (35801), I turned to Rockler, which also carried the flange bolts (83311) and the T-track (21739).

Lee Valley has the featherboard and knobs. The part number for the featherboard is 03J75.65. The item number for the 5/16"-18 T-knob is 00M75.10 and the tall knob with 5/16" stud is 00M73.02.

20 Must-Have Shop Supplies42

We shopped around at some unusual places and found a few unique products that deserve a place in your shop.

Most of the shop supplies described on page 42 of ShopNotes No. 96 are available just about anywhere. But there were some items that had to be ordered.

For example, the dental picks (86K95.02) came from Lee Valley. Most of the plastic supplies and containers came from U.S. Plastic and Lab Safety Supply.

Sharpening Organizers44

Take the hassle out of sharpening with any of these one-of-a-kind sharpening projects.

Jointing on the Table Saw46

No jointer, no worries. All you need is your table saw and a simple, shop-built auxiliary fence.

The Router Wizard Pro48

This accessory works like magic to turn your router into the most versatile tool in your shop.


Scenes from the Shop52