ShopNotes #98 2008-03-01

March 2008
Issue 98

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

  • Page 4: Router Fluting Jig Illustration
    The runner dimensions should be listed as 1/4" x 7/16" - 4 3/4" long to match the length of the groove in the fence as well as having enough sticking above to adequately engage the groove in the router base. Also, the starting point of the slots in the router base should be 1/2" to match up with the outside hole in the base.

Routing Grooves on the Router Table8

Must-know router table tips and techniques for making perfect grooves every time.

  • Setup Blocks
    Lee Valley, 05N58.01
  • Router Height Gauge
    General Tool, 23
    Woodsmith Store, 338218

Knock-Down Fasteners10

Looking for fast and easy assembly with rocksolid results? We have the answer.

Knock-down fasteners are available at your local hardware store. But you might find a better selection of types, sizes, and finishes at an on-line distributor, like Rockler or Lee Valley.

Using Contact Cement12

Tips and techniques to make your next glueup go together quick and easy.

Curved-Lid Tool Chest14

Discover an all new joinery technique - "curved" box joints. We’ll show you how to create and assemble them for a perfect fit.

  • Page 14: Shop Short Cut
    Note: The shop short cut on p. 35 refers to this article, and contains an error. On p. 35, the measurement on the upper-right end of the piece shows a width of 2 1/4" rough. This should read 4 1/2" rough.
  • Page 21: Figure 9
    The dimension for the thickness of the Lower Drawer Back (Z) should be 1/2" thick, not 1/4" as originally printed. It is correct in the Materials & Hardware list.
  • Page 16: Detail 'a'
    The part letters for the lower case sides (A) and front (B) are flipped. The lettering in detail ‘a’ should match the drawing and the materials list below.

Online Extras

  • Curved-Lid Tool Chest
    Building a handsome home for your tools is always a special project, and this tool chest is no exception. A little time and patience is all it takes.
  • Continuous (Piano) Hinge
    Rockler, 19324
    Woodsmith Store, 455414
  • Small Knobs
    Horton Brass, H-42 (1/2″-dia.)
  • Medium Knobs
    Horton Brass, H-42 (5/8″-dia.)
  • Large Knobs
    Horton Brass, H-42 (7/8″-dia.)
  • Chest Lifts
    Horton Brass, H-558L

Note: You’ll need to specify 1/2″ screws when ordering the chest lifts. Also, while chest lifts can be used to move the tool chest (as in sliding it across a worksurface) they’re not intended to bear the weight of the chest. To pick up the tool chest, make sure to lift it from the bottom.

Better Box Joints25

Learn how to get dead-on accurate results from this classic table saw joinery technique.

Online Extras

  • Gluing Box Joints
    Gluing up box joints can be a tedious job. But there are a few things you can do to make the task easier.
  • Freud Box-Joint Cutter Set
    Rockler, 27371
    Highland Hardware, 172008
    Woodsmith Store, 222493

Benchtop Miter Saw Fence28

Turn any surface into a precision miter saw workstation. All you need are a couple of easy-to-build fence sections.

Online Extras

  • Miter Saw Fence Risers
    The miter saw fence system shown in ShopNotes No. 98 is a great way to add accuracy and extend the capabilities of your miter saw. It was designed for a worksurface with the miter saw mounted to an adjacent recessed shelf. However, you can still take advantage of the fence system even if you don't have this same setup.
  • 24″ Top Track
    Woodcraft, 145826
    Woodsmith Store, 415625
  • Flip Stop
    Woodcraft, 145822
    Rockler, 21938
    Woodsmith Store, 273729
  • Miter Stop
    Woodcraft, 145824
    Lee Valley, 86N40.11
  • Knobs
    Reid Supply, DK-81
  • L-R Reading Tape
    Woodcraft, 145833
    Rockler, 69116
    Woodsmith Store, 273740
  • R-L Reading Tape
    Woodcraft, 145832
    Rockler, 69124
    Woodsmith Store, 273739
  • Kreg Precision Measurement
    Lee Valley, 86N40.20
    Rockler, 29415
    Woodsmith Store, 618001

Note: Kreg has bundled several of these components into their Precision Measuring System. It contains the T-track, two stops, and the measuring tapes.

Shop Short Cuts34

Shop-tested tips and techniques to help you solve your woodworking problems.

  • Page 35: Illustration
    The measurement on the upper-right end of the piece shows a width of 2 1/4" rough. This should read 4 1/2" rough.
  • Page 34: Figure 1
    The length of the jig base should be 12 9/16", not 11 9/16" as originally printed.

Fold-up Worktable36

Strong and sturdy, this lightweight, portable worksurface, featuring unique, "I-beam" construction, holds a "ton."

  • Page 41: Materials & Hardware
    Two corrections: (1) The measurement for the top end frames (part B) should be 3/4 x1 - 22. The measurements are listed correctly in the callouts for this part. NOTE: The PDF in the online archive is correct. (2) The correct size for the filler strips (L and M) should be 1/4" x 3/8", not 1/4" x 1/4" as originally printed.
  • Page 38: Figure 1a
    Parts B and C are reversed in the detail. The wider part is C, the side frame, while the narrower part is B the end frame.
  • Page 40: Figure 4
    The drawing shows how to layout the 10° angle at the top of the leg. The 9/16" dimension at the top of the leg should be 1/2" down from the top in order for the angle to be as close to 10° as possible. As a result of these corrected measurements, the 3 3/4" dimension should be 3 13/16" to keep the layout correct. At the bottom of the leg, the drawing shows the same 9/16" but the line is shown to the outer edge of the leg, or so it looks. This gives a slightly lower angle of about 8°. The lower part of the drawing should show 10° instead of the 9/16".
  • Page 40: Figure 4
    The dimensions of the filler strips (L and M) should be 1/4" x 3/8", not 1/4" x 1/4" as originally printed.

Online Extras

  • Folding Worktable
    Space in a shop is always at a premium, so I'm always looking for ways I can make better use of the space I already have. That's where this table comes in. It's the perfect extra worksurface or tool stand.

7 Must-Have Files42

We'll show you the tools you need to get super smooth shapes in all materials.

Many files can be purchased at local home centers. But if you have trouble finding a particular file, the two best sources are McMaster-Carr and Reid Supply.

5 Small-Shop Finishing Tips44

Quick tips and tricks to make finishing your next project hassle-free.

Resawing on the Table Saw46

From thick to thin. Learn a foolproof table saw technique that will save you time and money.

New Leigh Dovetail Jig48

Find out how this new router jig does it all. Through dovetails, half-blind dovetails, box joints, and more.

Online Extras

  • Leigh 18″ Dovetail Super Jig
    Rockler, 38921
    Woodsmith Store, 227851
    Woodcraft, 148135
    Woodworker’s Supply, 150-092

Get More From Your Planer50

Scenes from the Shop52