Shopnotes #99 2008-05-01

May 2008
Issue 99

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Taming Tearout8

A new router bit design provides a smooth, tearout-free surface.

Freud has over 30 router bits in the Quadra-Cut line and continues to add more. Check their website for the latest profiles and to locate a dealer in your area.

Plywood Secrets Revealed10

Get more out of the plywood you use for your projects with these practical tips and tricks.

Super-Fast, Super-Strong Joinery12

Create rock-solid joints quickly and easily with just a hand drill and the BeadLOCK system.

  • BeadLOCK Basic 3/8″ Kit
    Rockler: 34802
    Woodsmith Store: 456400
  • BeadLOCK ¼″ Accessory Kit
    Rockler: 38088
    Woodsmith Store: 456402
  • BeadLOCK ½″ Accessory Kit
    Rockler: 34985
    Woodsmith Store: 456406
  • BeadLOCK Tenon Stock
    Rockler (3/8″): 20796
    Rockler (¼″): 31793
    Rockler (½″): 20783

Fractional Calipers14

Here's the number one tool you need to get precision results every time you step into the shop.

  • Dial & Sliding Calipers
    General Tools: 142
    Rockler: 36575
    General Tools: 141ME
    Woodsmith Store (142): 310605
  • Digital Calipers
    Lee Valley: 88N62.60
    Wixey: WR100
    General Tools: 147
    Woodsmith Store (WR-100): 240538

Panel-Cutting Lumber Cart16

Storing material and cutting it down to size for projects is always a hassle. With this rollaround cart, you'll have all the storage space you need, plus a handy cutting station.

Online Extras

  • Panel-Cutting Lumber Cart
    I use quite a bit of plywood for furniture and shop projects. But I always end up with a number of odd-sized pieces left over. Although they're not as big as full sheets, these cutoffs still take up a lot of space. My solution is this lumber storage cart.
  • 5″ Casters
    Rockler: 31845
    McMaster-Carr: 9949T19
    Woodsmith Store: 454398

Shop Shortcuts22

Precision Crosscut Sled24

Crosscuts are one of the most basic woodworking tasks. The design of this sled not only gives you dead-on crosscuts, but also chipout free dadoes and rabbets. And a simple add-on jig makes cutting accurate box joints a snap.

  • Page 27: Exploded View Details
    The overall dimensions should be 21 3/8"D x 24"W x 5"H
  • Page 26: Dimensions on part (F)
    The dimensions of part F (Guard) should be 3-1/8" x 5".
  • Page 29: Figure 5
    The dimensions of part F (Guard) should be 3-1/8" x 5". Also note that the the curved part of the guard has a radius of 2-1/2".
  • Page 28: Figure 2
    The callout indicates that the dado be 1/4" deep but the correct depth is 1/8".
  • Page 25: Sled orientation
    The Precision Crosscut Sled was designed in the magazine for saws that are right-tilt. In Episode 403 of Woodsmith Shop, the Precision Crosscut Sled shown was built for our left-tilt saw. Because most saws today are left-tilt, we have included a couple of illustrations showing the construction details for the mirror-image left-tilt sled in the Woodsmith Plan associated with this article. The items that change are the direction of the sliding base, and the position of the long fence.
  • Runner
    Kreg: KMS7303
    Woodsmith Store: 273736
  • Fence Track
    Kreg: KMS7712
    Woodsmith Store: 273733
  • Flip Stop
    Kreg: KMS7801
    Woodsmith Store: 273729
  • Measuring Tape (L-to-R)
    Kreg: KMS7724
    Woodsmith Store: 273740
  • Micro-Adjuster
    Kreg: KMS7215
    Woodsmith Store: 618033
  • Knobs
    Reid Supply: DK-228
  • Cross Dowels
    Rockler: 31823
    Woodsmith Store: 454269

Tapers on the Band Saw32

You don't always need a taper jig. This quick and easy technique will give you perfectly smooth tapers in no time flat.

3 Twists on a Classic Layout Tool34

Add a twist (or two) to ordinary steel bar stock and you’ll end up with a handy scratch awl that's as eye-catching as it is useful.

  • ¼″ Square Bar
    McMaster-Carr (2′): 9517K104
  • ¼″ Hex Bar
    McMaster-Carr (6′): 6512K12
  • Flat Brass 3/16″
    McMaster-Carr (1′): 8954K375

5 Solutions for Better Clamping40

Solve your clamping problems forever with these sure-fire, pipe clamp solutions.

Must-Have Drill Press Add-Ons42

Turn your drill press into a shop workhorse with any of these handy, shop-made add-ons.

Top-Notch Tenons44

A tenoning jig and a few simple steps are all you need to cut perfect tenons every time.

Razor-Sharp in a Snap48

Take a look at two sharpening systems that will guarantee quick and easy results.

Two Simple Techniques for Trimming Edging50

Scenes from the Shop52