Shopnotes #101 2008-09-01

September 2008
Issue 101

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

5 Must-Have Trim Bits8

Bearing-guide trim bits are shop workhorses. We'll show you which ones to get and why.

  • Woodsmith Store
    Flush Trim Bit… 271883
    Pattern Bit… 271800
    Extra-Long Flush Trim Bit… 271897
    Dado Bit… 271694
    Spiral Downcut Bit… 242420
  • MLCS
    Clean-Out Bit… 5382
  • Freud
    Combination Bit… 50-509

Power Options for the Shop10

Getting power where you need it in the shop is a snap with these inexpensive solutions.

  • Lab Safety Supply
    Sensing-Saf-Start… 111613

Choosing & Using Straightedges12

Here are a few handy tips for using self-clamping straightedge guides in the shop.

  • Page 51: Woodcraft T-Track Item
    Woodcraft discontinued the 24" track shortly after this issue was printed. They recommend the 36" Guide, item 147057.
  • T-Track Guides
    24″ (Rockler)… 30291
    24″ (Woodcraft)… 147056
    (NOTE: This item was discontinued shortly after this issue printed. Woodcraft recommends the 36″ Guide, item 147057.)
    24″ (Woodsmith Store)… 611362
    50″ (Rockler)… 26718
    50″ (Woodcraft)… 147058

Making Glass Pane Doors14

A bridle joint is the key to making strong, great-looking doors on the table saw.

Fine Tool Cabinet18

Fine tools deserve a special home. And this easy-to-build cabinet will display them in style. Plus, the innovative tool holders make it easy to customize the layout to suit your needs.

Online Extras

  • Fine-Tool Cabinet
    This tool cabinet proves that a great-looking project can be easy to build and completed in a short amount of time. At its heart is a grooved back panel that accepts a variety of custom tool holders. The back is wrapped by a simple case with an open display shelf. A pair of glass pane doors keeps out dust and still lets you see the tools inside.

Shop Short Cuts24

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Air Tool Station26

Keep your air compressor, tools, and accessories close at hand with this rollaround cart. With loads of storage and an "air command center," it's ready to meet any task.

  • Page 27: Online extra, Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    The online extra (Materials, Supplies, & Cutting Diagrams) on contained a measurement error. The online file was replaced with a corrected version on 09/25/2008. (Parts C, B, and E should be cut from a piece of 3/4" x 48"- 48" plywood.)

Online Extras

  • Air Tool Station
    Air-operated tools are a great addition to any shop. But the problem often becomes how to keep all the tools, hoses, and accessories efficiently organized. This mobile workcenter is the answer.
  • Woodsmith Store
    Casters… 454398
    16″ Drawer Slides… 455558
  • Reid Supply
    Drawer Pulls… DUH-55
  • Enco
    Air Regulator… 325-7402
    Air Line Filter… 505-2923
    Self-Storing Air Hose… 505-0672
    Hose Barb Fitting… 505-0690
    Blow Gun… 505-0740
  • McMaster-Carr
    Reducer Fitting… 5520K507

Installing No-Mortise Hinges36

Installing hardware is always a challenge. With these handy tips and tricks, guaranteed success is only a few steps away.

Adjustable Tenon Jig38

This table saw tenon jig slides smoothly on any rip fence. Another key feature is the replaceable stop for making cuts at 45° or 90° on the end of a workpiece.

  • Rockler
    Incra Hold-Down… 30862
    Ergostyle Wing Nuts… 26739

Our Favorite Angle Tools42

Learn about the best tools for laying out and setting up for accurate angle cuts.

Ripping at an Angle44

The key to a perfect bevel cut starts with the setup. Here's what you need to know.

No. 1 Table Saw Accessory46

Want more safety, control, and better results at the table saw? This accessory is the secret.

Tuning Up a Tormek48

Improve the performance of your sharpening station with a simple tune-up and new accessories.

  • Page 51: Part number for Stainless Steel Shaft
    The part number is 1005, not 1065 as originally printed.
  • Tormek Store
    Stainless Steel Shaft… 1005
    Stainless Steel Washers… 0111
    Stainless Steel Nut… 1150
    Nylon Bearings… 3061
    Horizontal Base… XB-100
    Universal Support… US-105
    Truing Tool Upgrade Kit… TT-50U

A number of sources carry the accessories for upgrading a Tormek along with the two latest models the T-7 and T-3: Woodsmith Store, Rockler, Hartville, Japan Woodworker, Klingspor, Tormek Store, Woodcraft, and Woodworker’s Supply. You’ll find the accessory details below.

  • Tormek Accessories
    Grindstone… SG-250
    Square Edge Jig… SE-76
    Diamond Truing Tool… TT-50

Scenes from the Shop52