Shopnotes #102 2008-11-01

November 2008
Issue 102

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Router Bit Setup8

Take the guesswork out of setting up a router. Here's how to make a perfect cut every time.

Choosing Drawer Liners10

Find out what you need to know to protect your drawers and tools with a liner.

Hacksaw Tips & Techniques12

Follow these handy tips to get the most from this essential shop workhorse.

Most well-stocked hardware stores will have heavy-duty, high-tension hacksaw frames and high-quality blades. If you have difficulty finding the frames, MSC Industrial Supply and Reid Supply Company have a wide variety to choose from. A couple of models are listed below.

Shaping Brass14

We'll show you the step-by-step process for getting great results when bending brass.

  • Page 15: Illustration and text
    The dimension shown in the parentheses for the pipe is incorrect. It should read (1¼” x 12”). (As long as the pipe and spacer match in size, the jig will work, but the larger pipe will create a slightly different radius on the bends.)
  • Page 15: Illustration
    The pipe supports are called out with a dimension of 7" x 7". This is correct. However the 7 3/4" dimension shown on the actual workpiece is not correct.
  • Page 15: Side View
    The Side View drawing has two dimension errors. The 7/8 dimension should be 1/2, and the 2 3/8 dimension should be 3.

Tackle Box Tool Tote16

Learn the secrets to making the pivoting mechanism for this great-looking tool tote. It's all in the technique and we show you how.

For the brass bar stock used to make the pivot mechanism, you may want to order two lengths of 36″ each. This way, you’ll have a little extra on hand in case you need it. Alloy 360, free-cutting brass is what you’ll need to look for.

I finished the tote with a few coats of a wipe-on oil finish and paste wax before filling it with my tools.

Shop Shortcuts22

Shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Cabinetmaker's Workbench24

Put your skills to work with this classic workbench. Solid joinery and traditional features make it the perfect addition to any shop.

  • Page 31: Figure 7a
    The two 3/4" dimensions shown for the centerline of the bolts should be 7/8".
  • Page 33: Top View Illustration
    The dog holes should be at 85 degrees, not 5 degrees as originally printed.
  • Page 32: Figure 9
    The dimensions of part T (front rail) should be 1 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 71". They are correct on the cutting diagram.
  • Page 26: Figure 1
    The left margin art at the top of page 26 incorrectly shows the lower rail mortise in the leg to be 1" from the outside edge. This should be 7/8".

Online Extras

  • Cabinetmaker's Workbench Animation Download
  • Cabinetmaker's Workbench Drawers
    The workbench in ShopNotes No. 102 (page 24) offers a lot of storage space on the shelf underneath. To make better use of that space for storing smaller items, you can build this drawer cabinet.
  • Cabinetmaker's Workbench Model
    Patterned after a workbench found in wood shops at the turn of the 20th century, this traditional-style bench has it all. And it starts with the worksurface. The large top provides plenty of room to work on any project. The solid-wood top also features a large face vise and shop-built tail vise. And there's plenty of storage underneath β€” with or without the optional drawers. Classic details, like the shop-made car siding and trim molding, add to the appeal.
  • Lee Valley
    Large Front Vise70G08.02
    Shoulder Vise Screw70G01.51
    Square Bench Dogs05G02.01
  • Reid Supply
    Square-Head T-BoltsTB-115
  • Speedy Metals
    ¾″-dia. Steel Rod18r.75-36
    Mortising BitAMA-45561
  • Woodsmith Store
    Mortising Bit… 271700
    Large Front Vise… 611055

A few coats of an oil finish are all you need to complete the bench.

Working with Leather36

With some simple, inexpensive tools and these helpful hints, you can put this versatile material to use in your shop.

When you purchase leather, you’re buying a random cut piece from the supplier. Split-suede leather is sold by the square foot, and is generally sold in pieces 12 to 15 square feet in size.

Leather Tool Holders40

Protect and transport your hand tools in these practical and easy-to-make tool holders.

Getting More out of Benchtop Tools42

Maximize your shop space and work more efficiently with these helpful ideas.

Rip Fence Add-Ons44

With a few accessories, make your table saw safer, more accurate, and even more useful.

I like to make accessories for a rip fence out of Baltic birch plywood. It’s stable and flat — requirements for getting the best results with shop-built accessories.

  • Rockler
    Universal Fence Clamps31373
  • Woodsmith Store
    Universal Fence Clamps… 456562

Shop Calculators46

Adding up fractions is always a challenge. But with one of these handy helpers, it's a breeze.

Online Extras

Most woodworking suppliers carry shop calculators. You can also order them from Calculated Industries or Calculator Source. The Convertor Pro from FastCap was ordered from Mike’s Tools. You can also get the Convertor Pro from the Woodsmith Store.

Plate Joiner Tune-Up48

Learn how to return your plate joiner to like-new performance. It's easy to do.

Replacing a Band Saw Tire50

Scenes from the Shop52