Shopnotes #103 2009-01-01

January 2009
Issue 103

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Routing Large Holes: 3 Methods8

Discover our handy techniques for creating clean and smooth holes.

Choosing & Using T-Track10

Find out about the latest products for building accurate and easy-to-use jigs and fixtures.

You can order basic T-track (in various lengths) and T-track accessories from most woodworking vendors. For specialty items mentioned in the article, take a look at the list below:

    Kreg Combo-TrakKMS7448
  • Woodsmith Store
    Cam Clamp… 456320
    T-Track Intersect. (½″)… 456284
    Kreg Top Trak… 273734
    Kreg Bench Clamp Kit… 618028
    Kreg Klamp Table… 618049

Ripping on the Band Saw14

Sometimes the band saw is the right tool for ripping a workpiece. We’ll show you some tips and tricks for improving your band saw skills.

Sharpening Center16

Storing and using your sharpening equipment has never been easier. This simple cabinet keeps it all under control.

  • 175° Fully Concealed Hinges
  • Door Pulls
    Reid SupplyDUH-55
  • Silicone Sheet
  • Dado Cleanout Bit
    Woodsmith Store271694

Shop Short Cuts22

Try out these shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Mobile Sanding Station24

When teamed up with your dust collector, this roll-around station makes sanding virtually dust-free and keeps the air in your shop clean.

Online Extras

  • 5″ Casters
    Woodsmith Store… 454398
  • 20″ Drawer Slides
    Woodsmith Store… 455560
  • Dust Hood

Paint: Benjamin-Moore Regal Eggshell (“Raspberry Truffle” 2080-10).

Portable Sandpaper Storage30

Keep your rolls of sandpaper handy with this easy-to-build dispenser box.

Edging a Plywood Case32

Here, you'll find ways to dress up your plywood projects for the best appearance.

Rip Fence Accessory System34

Your table saw's rip fence serves as the backbone for these must-have add-ons.

  • Page 37: Text, final paragraph
    The last sentence on page 37 was cut off. The full sentence should read: Then slowly raise the blade -- about 1/2" will cover most of your needs.
  • Reid Supply
    5/16″-18 Knobs w/InsertRST-94
    5/16″-18 Knobs w/1″ StudRST-99

Cutting Diagrams40

We'll answer your questions and take the mystery out of these useful guides.

Our 5 Favorite Push Blocks42

Safety and convenience are top priority with these handy, shop-made helpers.

Top-Notch Tongue & Dado44

You'll see why this is one of our favorite joints for building strong and sturdy projects.

What’s New in Sanding48

Learn about some unique abrasives you can put to use with your orbital sander today.

  • Rockler
    Med. Non-Woven Pads93451
    Fine Non-Woven Pads93469
    Extra-Fine Pads93477

Mirka Abranet disks and backup pads are available from Woodcraft.

Q & A50


Scenes from the Shop52