Shopnotes #105 2009-05-01

May 2009
Issue 105

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Online Extras

  • Thin Strip Ripping Jig
    Ripping multiple thin strips to a consistent width at the table saw is tricky at best. It's hard to reset the rip fence after every cut for the exact thickness you need. This jig solves the problem.

Mastering Lock Miter Bits8

Build mitered drawers and boxes without the hassle. Learn the tips for getting great results.

Online Extras

  • Setting Up Lock Miter Bits
    Using a lock miter bit in the router table is a great way to create strong, interlocking miter joints. Setting up the bit just right takes a few test cuts. But sometimes, it's difficult to know just what adjustments to take. This SketchUp file shows several scenarios and helps you diagnose what's wrong.

Must-Have Jig & Fixture Knobs10

The right knob can improve how well a jig works. Here are some things to consider.

You'll find a variety of knobs available from woodworking suppliers and hardware stores. Lee Valley’s Snap-Lock knobs are available for 1/4"-20 and 5/16"-18 threads. Reid Supply carries a variety of the fluted knobs for making your own studded knobs. We used AP-30 (1/4"-20) and AP-35 (5/16"-18).

Essential Tools for Tapping Threads12

A tap and die set comes in handy in the shop. Take a look at how to get the most from it.

Shaping a Smooth Curve14

Learn the secrets to making quick work of shaping a radius or a roundover by hand.

Online Extras

  • Radius Chart for Common Shop & Household Items
    Most plans call for a specific size radius or roundover, but being exact isn't that critical in some cases. For example, rather than use a compass or circle template to lay out a curve, often all you need is a common item found in almost every shop.

Heirloom Calipers & Dividers Set16

A perfect layout is a snap with these dividers, compass, and a pair of calipers. The metalwork is easy and the results are stunning.

Online Extras

The jaw liners (with extensions) shown in the article are available from McMaster-Carr in a variety of sizes to fit your vise. They’re available in copper or aluminum.

Shop Short Cuts22

Try out these shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Modular Garage Storage24

With this modular storage system, you can customize the number and size of the components to suit your needs perfectly.

  • Page 31: Materials & Hardware
    The dimensions for part A (Sides) should be 6 x 14 - 3/4" MDF, as shown in Fig. 1 on page 26.

Online Extras

  • Modular Garage Storage
    The key to getting the most out of any storage space is designing a system that's versatile enough to meet both current and future needs. What's even better is a system that's low-cost and simple to build. This solution meets all those needs perfectly.

The cabinet rods are made from ½″ EMT conduit (¾″ outside diameter). You can find it at most home centers. The metal tops for the bench and shelves were made at a local sheet metal fabrication shop.

  • Lee Valley
    10″ Support Brackets17K32.11
    13″ Support Brackets17K32.14
    24″ Shelf Standards17K30.02
    12″ Full-Ext. Slides02K36.12
  • Reid Supply
    Through-Hole HingesJCL-312
    Pull HandlesKHO-5
  • Benjamin Moore Paints
    Regal Eggshell
    “Misted Fern”
    … 482

Assembling a Frame and Panel32

Cutting the joinery is only half the job. Find out the keys to assembling a door successfully.

Table Saw Small Parts Jig34

This precision fence system makes it easy to rip and crosscut very small workpieces.

  • Page 39: Materials List AND Figure 9
    The Blade Guard (O) should be 4 x 5 – 3/4 plywood. It is wrong in both Figure 9 and the materials list.
  • Page 36: Text Column One, Third Paragraph
    The last sentence in paragraph three should read: For example, sliding the rip fence forward 1" moves the fence face away from the blade only 1/16". Note the related correction on page 38.
  • Page 38: Text Column Two, First Paragraph
    The last sentence in that paragraph should read: For example, an 1/4" of movement on the ruler moves the fence 1/64" closer or farther from the saw blade. Note the related correction to page 36.
  • Page 36: Figure 3
    The FENCE BLANK, shows the slot that the studded knob goes through to be 5/32" wide. It should be 5/16".

Motor Wiring40

Is there an advantage to wiring for 240v vs. 120v? Here's what you need to know.

  • Page 40: Photo of 20-amp receptacle
    The photo was "flipped" in the publication so is a mirror image of the actual item.

Sharpening Stone Storage42

Protecting your sharpening stones is important. These simple storage boxes are the perfect project for a weekend in the shop.

  • Page 44: Figure 3
    Figure 2 shows the upper "stone template" with end pieces that run the full width. The side pieces match the length of the sharpening stone. In Figure 3, the view of the template should look the same, but it doesn't. The layout of the stone template parts in Figure 2 is correct.
  • Page 43: Illustration, lower left corner
    The callout should be for a 1/2"-rad. roundover, not 1/2" dia.
  • Page 45: Figure 4a
    The router bit is called out as a 1/2"-dia. roundover bit, but this should simply read 1/2" roundover bit (no "dia.")

Online Extras

  • Sharpening Stone Storage Box Design Options
    These handy boxes are easy to build from just a couple pieces of scrap wood. You'll find six, unique design options in this online extra for both the lid and base. Or, you can mix and match a pattern for any lid to go with any base to come up with the look you want. All of the profiles can be made using just a table saw, a hand-held router, or a band saw.
  • MLCS
    Dado Clean-Out Bit5382

The Latest Cool Tools48

Take a look at the newest tools for making your time in the shop more productive and enjoyable.


Have a woodworking or shop-related question? Send it in - the editors will answer it here.

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