Shopnotes #106 2009-07-01

July 2009
Issue 106

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Rockler Box Joint Jig8

Start cutting snug-fitting box joints in just minutes with this handy router table jig.

  • Rockler
    Router Table Box Joint Jig29502
    ¼″ HSS Spiral Upcut Bit62984
    3/8″ HSS Spiral Upcut Bit38238
    ½″ HSS Spiral Upcut Bit63008

7 Must-Have Tapes10

These seven tapes can solve some clamping challenges and tackle general shop needs.

  • Page 11: References to Shrink Tape
    The tape described in item 4 should be called "Stretch Tape", not "Shrink Tape". It is correctly referenced on the Sources page.
  • Lee Valley
    Gaffer’s Tape25U06.01
    Silicone Tape23K30.01
    Turner’s Tape, 1″ x 75′25U03.11
    Turner’s Tape, 2″ x 75′25U03.12
  • U-Haul
    Stretch Plastic Wrap49022

Dealing with Dust12

Don't breathe dust if you don’t have to. The right dust mask is the best solution.

You can find basic N95 dust masks, like those described in the article, at most well-stocked hardware stores and home centers.

  • Woodcraft
    FastCap Pocket MXV836875
  • Lee Valley
    Comfort-Fit RespSizes Vary
    Low-Profile Resp22R20.25
  • Lab Safety Supply
    Willson Saf-T-Fit PlusVaries

Perfect Mitered Molding14

Adding molding to a project shouldn't be a challenge. Get it right with these simple steps.

Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack16

This easy-to-build, compact clamp rack takes up a small area of wall space and can be customized to fit the clamps you have.

Online Extras

  • Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack
    Clamp storage is a problem every woodworker faces. But this compact, wall-mounted system provides the perfect answer.
  • Wall-Mounted Clamp Rack Model
    Clamp storage is a problem every woodworker faces. But this compact, wall-mounted system provides the perfect answer.

Shop Short Cuts22

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques to solve your woodworking problems.

Table Saw Project Center24

Replace the wings of your table saw and turn it into a multi-purpose workcenter for sawing, routing, clamping, drilling, and assembly.

  • Page 51: Source for Leg Levelers
    The source for the Leg Levelers was omitted from the original issue. They came from Rockler, part number 81239.
  • Page 28: Figure 2 callout
    The callout in Figure 2 shows 5/16"-18 x 2" hex bolts, nuts, and washers but they are too big. The callout should say 1/4"-20 x 2" bolts with matching nuts and washers. Note the materials and hardware list is also affected by this change.
  • Page 32: Materials and Hardware
    All the 5/16” hardware items should be changed as follows: (26) 1/4"-20 x 2” Hex-Head Bolts ; (26) 1/4"-20 Hex Nuts ; (26) 1/4" Washers.
  • Page 28: Figure 2a
    The 1 7/8" center-to-center distance between the slots in the Kreg Klamp Trak is incorrect. The correct dimension is 1 1/2".

Online Extras

  • Table Saw Project Center
    Many woodworkers are looking for ways to use the space in their shops more efficiently. This table saw project center adds capabilities without taking up a lot of space. It features several hard-working accessories that turn an ordinary contractor's-style table saw into a versatile joinery, assembly, clamping, and routing station.

Choosing Countersinks34

Pick the right countersink and get a better fit and finish on every project you build.

The reverse countersinks with 82° high-speed steelheads are available from McMaster-Carr. And the mating shafts fit hole sizes from 3/32″ diameter to ¼″ diameter.

Handsaw Miter Box36

It's often easier to work small parts by hand. And this handsaw miter box gives you the ability to make accurate cuts on the money.

  • Lee Valley
    1-1/8″ Knob w/Stud00M51.02
    ¼″-20 Threaded Inserts00M90.01
    4″ × 24″ - ¾″ UHMW46J90.14

All About Handscrews40

Useful clamp or ancient relic? Learn why your shop should have a set of handscrews.

Online Extras

  • 10 Best Handscrew Tips
    Simply put, handscrew clamps can handle a lot of jobs other clamps can't. No matter how many different clamping devices you run across, few can match the versatility of a traditional handscrew.

My favorite online sources for handscrews are Adjustable Clamp Company, Lee Valley, The Best Things, and USA Clamp Company.

Super Sawhorse Add-Ons42

Sawhorses come in handy in the shop. Here's how to get double-duty out of the ones you have.

Mortises Made Easy44

Mortises on the table saw? You bet. Here are three techniques for doing it right.

The Latest in Clamps48

Discover what's new in clamps — more power, adjustable pressure, and extra capacity.

I found Jorgensen one-handed bar clamps at Adjustable Clamp Company. The Irwin Quick Grip bar clamps can be found at many hardware stores and home centers. You can find a local dealer by visiting

Q & A50

Have a woodworking or shop-related question? Send it in - the editors will answer it here.

Scenes from the Shop52