ShopNotes #111 2010-05-01

May 2010
Issue 111

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Table of Contents

Readers Tips4

All About Slow-Set Glues10

A slow-set glue is the secret to a stress-free glueup. Here's what you need to know.

  • Woodsmith Store
    Titebond Extend (16 oz.)… 551050
    Titebond III (8 oz.)… 551160
  • Highland Woodworking
    Old Brown Glue (5 oz.)166031

Roll-Around Finishing Center14

Spray a perfect finish on any project with this roll-around finishing center. An exhaust system removes overspray. Plus, the built-in lights let you see exactly what you're doing.

  • Page 21: Materials & Hardware
    Several corrections to the materials list were discovered after the issue printed. The drawings are correct - only the materials list contained the errors. For reference here are the specific corrections: Part D Switch Panel 6 x 43 - 3/4 MDF ; Part F Caster Plates 6 x 28 - 3/4 MDF ; Part J Top Back Filler Strip 4 1/2 x 40 - 3/4 MDF ; Part K Top Side Filler Strips 4 1/2 x 26 1/2 - 3/4 MDF ; Part L Top Front Filler Strip 4 1/2 x 25 - 3/4 MDF ; (1) 6" dia. Hose Clamp (not 2 as originally printed) ; (25 ft.) 1/2" Flexible Conduit (not (20 ft) as originally printed) ; (1 pr.) Folding Shelf Brackets (not 1 pr. Folding Shelf Brackets w/screws as originally printed. Note: The materials list shows (14) #10 x 5/8" Sheet Metal Screws which are for the shelf brackets.
  • Page 23: Figure 6a
    The green wire (ground) should go through the conduit connector on the motor. It is currently shown wrapping around from the outside.

Online Extras

You can find hardware and most of the electrical wiring components at your local hardware store or home center. Other hard-to-find items are listed below.

Shop Short Cuts24

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

  • Page 24: Photo of spiral downcut bit
    The photograph in the left margin is distorted. The image has been flipped or mirrored so that it fits in the layout.

Classic Sawhorses26

Build these strong and sturdy sawhorses in a weekend and use them for a lifetime.

  • Page 27: Cutting diagram and exploded view
    Three corrections needed: (1) The 12” board in the cutting diagram should be labeled as 8” and 3.3 Bd Ft. and there should be a small amount of waste at the bottom. (2) The two part (D) shown on that same board, should come down closer to the bottom edge and be longer. Basically, parts (C) and (D) should fill the length of the board. (3) In the Exploded View on page 27, the grain direction for the braces should run 90° to what is shown. Grain runs side to side, not top to bottom.
  • Page 28: Open Mortise Layout illustration
    The layout for the four mortises/notches appears to be deeper than necessary. The actual measurement listed in Figure 1 is correct and will result in cuts of the correct depth.
  • Page 31: Figure 6
    The four parts in the Side View should be labeled. The two on the left are "A" and the two on the right are "B."

Resawing for Better Boxes34

The secret to building great-looking boxes is to "wrap" the grain all the way around. We show you how to get the best results.

Rock-Solid Bench Vise Stand36

Heavy and solidly built, this stand features storage shelves and custom holders for the metal-working tools you use most often.

  • Page 38: Text under Adding a Rim
    The last sentence in that paragraph should read: "Then trim it flush as you did before."

Online Extras

Replacing Router Bearings40

Give new life to your router and get better results with this quick and easy rehab.

For replacement bearings, check out your local repair center. Online sources are or You may find tools from the sources listed below useful for removing bearings.

Top-Notch Sanding Tote42

Keep all your hand sanding supplies organized and in easy reach with this weekend project.

Anatomy of a Bench Vise44

Every shop should have a dedicated bench vise. Learn what you need to look for.

Online Extras

  • Shop-Made Vise Jaw Liners
    The textured jaws of your bench vise can leave marks on soft materials like aluminum or brass. And you can forget about trying to hold round objects securely. To solve these problems, you can purchase commercial jaw liners or make your own.

You can order a variety of accessory vise jaws and jaw liners to fit your vise from McMaster-Carr.

Straightedge Clamping Guides48

Making straight, square cuts with any power tool is easy with these handy straightedges.

Note: The All-in-One from Rockler has a new part number: 32439


Scenes from the Shop52