Shopnotes #113 2010-09-01

September 2010
Issue 113

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

  • Page 6: Mobile Base Pedal Upgrade
    The nylon spacers mentioned in the tip are distributed by Servalite in Moline, Illinois ( The part number is SP-100058. Servalite does not sell directly to consumers but many True Value hardware stores carry this item.

Bit Storage Solutions8

Finding a home for your router bits is easy with these handy storage options.

Shop Aprons10

Learn what features to look for when it's time to upgrade your worn-out apron.

All About Engineered Veneers12

This material is the key to getting great looking projects without breaking the bank.

Both Certainly Wood and Oakwood Veneer Company offer engineered, veneer in single sheet quantities. Certainly Wood identifies their engineered veneer as reconstituted or green. Oakwood will have "Italian" listed as part of its description.

Heirloom Tool Chest14

This high-style tool chest stores and organizes your hand tools. And it’s made from low-cost materials and simple joinery.

  • Page 20: Materials & Hardware
    The Dividers (D) should be 13 3/8", not 9 1/8" as originally printed.

Online Extras

Shop Short Cuts22

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

  • Page 22: Fitted Groove illustration, Detail a
    The drawing indicates the groove should be 1/4" deep. However, the aluminum guide bar that fits in this groove is 5/16"- thick. The dimension and art should changed to 5/16".

Better Results with Forstner Bits28

We'll show how to get the most out of any Forstner bit with a few simple tips and tricks.

Finishing Tips & Supplies36

The secret to applying a great finish is the right supplies and a few handy tips.

Creating Veneered Panels42

Here's a quick and easy way to add veneer to a project and dress up the look.

The spray contact adhesive referenced in the article is 3M’s Hi-Strength 90. It's available at home centers and hardware stores.

Locking Rabbet Jig44

Cutting the joinery for drawers is a whole lot easier with this versatile table saw sled.

  • Page 46: Figure 5
    The dimensions for the slots in parts 'L' (STOP BASE) were omitted. The ends of the slots are located 2-1/4" from one end and 1-1/4" from the other end of the STOP BASE. The stop bases are the same part, one is simply rotated 180° when installing the hinge and part 'M' (STOP).
  • Page 45: Figure 1
    Clarification: The dimensions are correct, but the drawing implies the cutout along the back edge of the Base (A) ends up flush with the back edge of the Front Fence (B). In reality there is a ¼" lip behind the front fence.

Online Extras

One-Setup Drawer Joints47

Follow these step-by-step procedures to create a super-strong drawer with your choice of joinery.

Scenes from the Shop52

  • Page 2: Table of Contents
    The description under Heirloom Tool Chest contains a misspelled word. The final word should be spelled "joinery".