ShopNotes #114 2010-11-01

November 2010
Issue 114

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Making Raised Panel Doors8

All it takes is a set of templates and the right router bits to create striking, shaped doors. We show you how to get the best results.

Online Extras

Rigid JobMax12

For all-around usefulness, you won’t find more bang for the buck than this versatile multitool.

  • The Home Depot
    Ridgid JobMax … R82235
    Impact Head … R8223401
    Drill Head … R8223402
    Ratchet Head … R8223403
    Multi-Tool Head … R8223404
    Auto-Hammer Head … R8223405

All About Woodscrews14

There are more things to consider about screws than length. Here’s what you need to know.

Roll-Around Shop Cart16

The handy features built into this mobile cart make it a must-have for any size shop. The outfeed supports can be adjusted to suit a wide range of needs. Plus, the clamp rack and two drawers offer valuable storage.

  • Page 19: Figure 3
    The 12" dimension shown that locates the clamp rack from the bottom rail of the cart should instead be 11".

Online Extras

Shop Short Cuts22

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

Shop-Made Hand Planes24

This pair of finely crafted hand planes covers the bulk of your planing needs. They won't take much time or material to build. But you're sure to find yourself using them every day.

  • Page 51: Sources
    The Lee Valley Plane Hammer was mentioned in article but was omitted from the Sources information on page 51. The part number is 50K56.01.
  • Page 26: Figure 1
    The dimensions for the "second cut" were omitted. The angle of the cut is 55 degrees from horizontal. The placement of the cut can be inferred from the dimensions shown in Figure 3 (allowing for the saw kerf for the third cut). Figure 2 should contain a note: "When making second cut, leave enough material for cheeks and toe."
  • Page 30: Figure 6b
    The 10 degree angle of the wedge was omitted from the drawing. It is mentioned in the copy.

Turning blanks can be purchased from Adams Wood Products and Constantines (see below).

Sharpening a Plane Iron34

Try your hand at sharpening a plane iron without a honing guide. Here's a simple and fast technique for a razor-sharp edge.

Multipurpose Taper Jig36

This shop-built jig will handle tapers, angles, and ripping a straight edge. Best of all, you can build it in an afternoon.

Layout Tips & Tricks42

Learn a few handy ways to get more use out of an ordinary framing square.

Online Extras

Must-Have Small Clamps44

Every shop needs clamps. We’ll show you a set of clamps suitable for any size shop.

Custom Table Saw Sleds46

You can improve the results you get at the table saw with a simple sled design. Build one, two, or three to suit a number of tasks.

Scenes from the Shop52