ShopNotes #115 2011-01-01

January 2011
Issue 115

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

Cordless Circular Saws10

Convenience and portability are great reasons for adding one of these tools to your shop.

There are more than 20 models of cordless circular saws. So you're sure to find one that suits the type of work you do. You can find many of the saws at home centers, hardware stores, and online retailers.

Biscuit Joinery Basics14

Learn the techniques we use to create strong cases with this fast and easy-to-use joinery tool.

All-Purpose, Expandable Worktable16

Maximize space in your workshop with this versatile table. From breaking down sheet goods to final assembly, this table does it all.

  • Page 19: Materials & Supplies
    CLARIFICATION: The sizes of knobs and flange bolts are not called out anywhere in the artwork. The 1/4"-20 x 2-1/2" Flange Bolts and 1/4"-20 knobs shown in the Materials List are used for the adjustable leg assemblies. The 5/16"-18 x 3" Flange Bolts are used for the hold-downs on the table; however, these flange bolts and the knobs shown in the photos and artwork come with the hold-downs sold by Rockler.

Shop Short Cuts22

Router Milling Machine24

This exclusive jig makes it easy to add decorative details to your favorite projects. A set of shop-made gears is the key.

  • Page 26: Figure 2
    The dimensions for the upper flange bearing hole on the left side should be listed as 14" from the bottom, not 5" from the top. Technically, there is no difference in the end result, but this well help avoid any confusion as to the location of the hole in the right side. Because the right side isn’t as tall, if you measure the hole location using the 5" measurement from the top, the holes will not align.
  • Page 51: Sources
    The Reid Supply part number for the 5/16"-18 Knobs should be DK-55, not DK-138 as originally printed. The DK-138 knobs are too large in diameter and may interfere with each other or the tailstock. Both knobs have the same thread size but the overall knob size differs.
  • Page 51: Sources
    The sources did not mention which paint was used on the milling machine base. It was Benjamin Moore's Classic Color Collection – No. 546 Courtyard Green.
  • Page 25: Materials & Hardware
    Two corrections: (1) The project requires three 10-Tooth Gears (X), not only one as originally printed. (2) The Main Gear (S) and the 40-Tooth Gears (AA) are shown with a diameter of 11 7/8" but both should have an 11 13/16" diameter.
  • Page 28: Figures 5 and 6
    Both figures 5 and 6 (pages 28 and 29) show the Main Gear (S) and the 40-Tooth Gears (AA) with a diameter of 11 7/8"; both should have an 11 13/16" diameter.
  • Page 25: Materials & Hardware
    The project requires 2 Traveler Blocks (LL), not only one as originally printed.

Online Extras

  • Milling Machine Patterns and Setup
    The router milling machine allows for six different gear setups to create spiral patterns (like flutes and reeds). Depending on the setup, the gear ratio, and therefore the spacing of the spirals changes.

The milling machine was painted with Benjamin Moore's Classic Color Collection – No. 546 Courtyard Green.

Using A Japanese Dozuki42

A thin kerf and small, razor-sharp teeth make a pull saw perfect for precision cuts.

Commercial Lumber Racks44

Retake control of your lumber with any one of these off-the-shelf storage solutions.

Note: The Rockler and HTC part numbers for the Portamate Wood Rack were in the process of changing as of the publication date of this issue. Contact the vendor's customer service if you have trouble finding the part numbers on their websites.

As of August, 2001, the lumber rack was available from, part number HTC PBR-001

Questions from our Readers50

Scenes from the Shop52