ShopNotes #116 2011-03-01

March 2011
Issue 116

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Table of Contents

Readers’ Tips4

Online Extras

  • Cove Calculations
    Cutting coves at the table saw involves passing the workpiece over the blade at an angle. With this handy calculator, you can figure the angle to use when clamping the fences to the saw top.

Using Edge Guides8

Follow these tips to get more use out of this essential router accessory.

Doweling Jig10

We'll give you the rundown on what to look for to get the best results with dowel joinery.

Online Extras

  • Doweling Jigs
    A doweling jig is a handy shop accessory. Here’s what’s available and what they can do.

Doweling jigs are available from a number of mail-order sources. The jigs used in the testing were obtained from the following sources.

Load-Lightening Lid Stays14

Choosing the right lid stay for your project is just a matter of understanding the options.

Notch & Tenon Joinery16

A classic look and strong joints are only a few saw cuts away. We’ll show you how.

Band Saw Template Jig18

This upgrade speeds up the process of making multiple contoured workpieces.

Shop Short Cuts22

Wall Mounted Tool Cabinet24

Here's your chance to build a storage cabinet worthy of showing off your favorite tools.

Online Extras

  • Tool Cabinet
    Store and display your favorite tools in a cabinet that breaks the mold of traditional storage.
  • Horton Brasses
    11⁄2" x 2" Hinges PB407B
    1"-dia. KnobsK-12

Drop Side Tool Tote30

There's more to this tote than meets the eye. You’ll find ample storage space hidden inside.

Online Extras

  • Tool Tote
    The unique design of this versatile tool carryall gives you easy access to everything inside.

Secrets to Locating Hinges36

Learn how to make your project look its best with these simple guidelines and tips.

Router Table Dovetail Key Jig38

This easy-to-use jig allows you to add decorative splines to a miter joint.

  • Page 38: Figure 1, and detail a
    The Backer (B) is dimensioned at 2 1/4" wide but should be 2" wide (to match the dimensions shown in Shop Short Cuts on page 22). This will affect detail 'a' in the same drawing. The 1 1/8" dimension should be changed to 1".

Riffler Rasps & Files42

Find out what makes these tools a "must-have" for fine detail and cleanup work.

You can find rifflers individually or in sets from several online suppliers including Lee Valley and Rockler.

Handy, Hardworking Awls44

We'll get right to the point on understanding and using the different types of awls.

  • Page 51: Sources
    A source was omitted. On page 45 there is a photo of some gimlets but no source was listed in the Sources section of the issue. The gimlet can be purchased from Lee Valley, part number 33J20.01.


Scenes from the Shop52