ShopNotes #117 2011-05-01

May 2011
Issue 117

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Table of Contents

Reader Tips4

Simple Solutions for Flush Trimming8

Get more from your router by using these tips and tricks to make perfect parts.

Making Wood Hinges10

Create custom wood hinges with these step-by-step instructions and the Incra jig.

Details That Make a Difference12

Pinstripes are a great way to add detail to a project. Here are the steps for doing it right.

Quick & Easy Panel Flattening14

A pair of simple tools and the right technique is all it takes to flatten panels of any size.

Low-Cost Utility Cart16

Eye-catching and rock-solid, this shop cart is just the solution for odd jobs around the shop.

Online Extras

Shop Short Cuts22

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

Drill Press Edge Sander24

Powered by your drill press, this hard-working add-on is the perfect sanding solution.

  • Page 25: Exploded View and Section View Illustrations
    The art shows a T-nut installed in Part B (Side). Those should be eliminated from the drawings.

Fast Fixes for Project Flaws42

Learn how shop-made filler can fix the small flaws that detract from the look of a project.

Assembly Starter Kit44

Assembling a project can be hectic. Here are a few items that minimize the hassle.

Cutting Metal46

Cut metal on the table saw? You can with the right blade and a few shop-tested techniques.

New High-Tech Tools48

Check out the latest tools for adding a few high-tech problem-solvers to your shop.

  • Page 49: Photo caption
    The caption for the photo in the lower right corner of the page contains a typographical error. The word "alignment" is printed as "alignme-*nt".

Questions from our Readers50

Scenes from the Shop52