ShopNotes #126 2012-11-01

November 2012
Issue 126

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Table of Contents

Tips for your Shop4

Super-Strong Joinery8

Solid assemblies are only a few steps away when you use tapered sliding dovetails.

Tenoning Jig12

Tenons with smooth, flat cheeks result in stronger joints. This shop-built jig is quick to set up and guarantees dead-on results.

Creating Wood Threads28

Add wood threads to a project? -- You bet! Find out how to do it right.

Shop Short Cuts30

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problem.

Shop-Built Belt Sander32

This compact super tool is a great addition to any shop. It handles everything from sanding and grinding, to sharpening and honing.

You can find a wide variety of 2" x 36" abrasive and polishing belts from ECON Abrasives. The sander was painted with Rust-Oleum Hammered Verde Green paint.

Dealing with Twisted Lumber40

Don’t throw away your twisted lumber. Follow this step-by-step process and turn it into useable stock.

5 Must-Have Shop Jigs42

You'll find that getting better results is just a matter of building some handy shop jigs.

Precision Straightedges44

Learn how to get more accurate results by putting these simple tools to work in your shop.

Cutting Long Workpieces46

Working with long workpieces doesn't have to be a challenge. Here's how we do it safely.

Questions from our Readers50

  • Page 2: Multipurpose Shop Cart, Online Extra Reference
    On the table of contents there is an online extra symbol for the Multifunction Storage Carts; however there is no online extra for that article.