ShopNotes #13 1994-01-01

January 1994
Issue 13

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Table of Contents

Router Bit Storage Cabinet4

You can both protect and organize your router bits by building this handy storage cabinet.

Scroll Saw Blades8

A look at the different types, styles, and sizes of blades that give the best results when using a scroll saw.

Band Saw Set-Up10

Changing the blade on a band saw is easy when you follow these step by step instructions. We'll take you through tracking, tensioning, and adjusting the blade guides.

Dust Collection System14

This shop-made dust collector features a two-stage system. The first stage removes large chips. And the second stage filters out fine dust particles.


Plywood and metal flashing combine to make the first stage of the dust collector -- a cyclone that funnels large chips into a roll-around chip bin.

Filter Box22

By wrapping an inexpensive fabric around a simple frame, you can form the second stage of the dust collection system which filters out fine dust particles.

Pipe & Hook-Ups24

All it takes to connect your power tools to our dust collector or your existing collector is a system of pipes and these shop-built hook-ups.

Shop Solutions28

Six Shop-Tested Tips: Toggle Clamp Stop Block, Shop-Made Utility Knife, Measurement Tip, a Tip for Rubbing Out a Finish, Sawhorse with Insert, and a Tip for Installing a Strike Plate

Plywood Veneers30

The appearance and cost of a sheet of plywood can vary greatly depending on how the face veneer is cut.

Scenes from the Shop32