ShopNotes #130 2013-07-01

July 2013
Issue 130

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Table of Contents

Readers' Tips4

  • Page 4: Main illustration
    In the main drawing, the callout that says “Magnetic Clamp (Rockler #21910)” should read “Magnetic Clamp (Rockler #28844)”.

Rabbets for Perfect Joinery8

With just a hand-held router, you can cut clean, smooth rabbets for precision joints.

Dead-On Box Joints10

The one-of-a-kind features of the Incra I-Box make it a snap to create tight-fitting box joints.

Secrets for Top-Notch Jigs & Fixtures12

Learn about the best accessories for getting the most out of your T-track.

    Roller Guides … 3388
    3/8" T-Track … 1019
    Toggle Hold Down … 2987
    Hold Down … 2990
    Flip Stop … 2991
    Miter Track w/ T-Bar … 1035

All-New Crosscut Sled20

Make repeatable, accurate cuts with our latest table saw accessory.

  • Page 20: Figure 1
    The location of the screw hole in the upper, left-hand corner of the base should be 1 15/16" from the end of the base, not 1 7/16" as indicated.
  • Page 21: Figure 1B & 1C
    On both the bridge and fence patterns, a callout says "drill out inside radius w/1 1/2"-dia. bit." This should be 1 1/4".

Shop Short Cuts26

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

Campaign-Style Tool Cabinet32

The compact footprint and modular design make this tool cabinet the perfect storage solution.

Online Extras

The tool cabinet is stained with a 50/50 mixture of General Finishes’ Espresso and Black Cherry waterbased finishes. It’s topcoated with three coats of spray lacquer.

Beaded Shiplap Backs40

Give your next project a traditional look with a back made from solid wood.

Lighting Your Shop44

Shop lighting is the key to better results. Check out some simple strategies to do it right.

Box Joint Blades46

These dedicated blades can take the place of your dado blade for cutting box joints.

Choosing Workbench Legs48

The secret to a sturdy bench starts with the legs. These ready-made legs are one solution.