ShopNotes #134 2014-03-01

March 2014
Issue 134

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Table of Contents

Readers’ Tips4

Dead-On Dadoes & Grooves8

Create accurately sized, flat-bottomed dadoes and grooves with your router and a simple jig.

M-Power Router Base10

Add a new level of precision to your router with this handy aftermarket router base.

Better Jigs & Fixtures12

Choosing the right plastic can make your jigs and fixtures more accurate, durable, and safer.

You can find a variety of plastics at home centers, hardware stores, or online at U.S. Plastic Corp. and McMaster-Carr.>

Antique Toolbox14

Tote your tools in style with this shop-made version of a old-fashioned toolbox.

I wanted to give the toolbox a look that closely matched the color of the antique version it was based on. So I stained it with Varathane’s Gunstock stain. Then I applied a couple coats of spray lacquer to protect it.

Hinge Mortise Tips & Tricks24

Learn three easy techniques to make precision hinge mortises for any project.

Shop Short Cuts26

Check out our shop-tested tips and techniques for solving your woodworking problems.

Swing-Drawer Shop Cart34

Swing-out drawers and open shelves provide a lot of storage in a small space.

  • Page 35: part K
    The Drawer Bottoms should be 11 1/8” x 11 1/8”.
  • Page 39: Main Illustration
    The Drawer Bottoms (part K) should be 11 1/8” x 11 1/8”.
  • Page 36: Figure 1
    The Top (part 'A') should have a clearance hole with the following callout: "Drill 1/4"-dia. clearance hole centered on counterbore." Detail C on page 36 should show this clearance hole as well. Figure 1 should have the following note: "NOTE: Clearance hole allows for removal of the pivoting drawer rod (refer to page 39)."
  • Page 37: Top View illustration
    The Top View illustration should show a 1/4"-dia. clearance hole centered on the counterbore.

Online Extras

Better-Looking Plywood Panels40

These simple ideas help you make any plywood project look like solid wood.

SketchUp Add-Ons42

Plugins to the basic SketchUp program provide time-saving techniques to designing your projects.

Space-Saving Small Shop44

Discover a few unique solutions for your own shop in this compact, hard-working layout.

RapidAir System48

The flexibility of this system takes the hard work out of adding compressed air lines to a shop.