ShopNotes #142 2023-09-01

September 2023
Issue 142

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Table of Contents

Band Saw Centered Shop6

Sheet Goods10

3-in-1 CNC Upgrade14

Transform a small CNC with a stand, clamping platform, and spoilboard to create a top-notch workstation.

I used Baltic birch plywood to build the base, drawer, and table extension, in addition to the MDF used for the spoilboard. I left all parts of the project unfinished.

Utility Shelf System20

Basic materials combine to create a flexible organization option for your home, garage, or workshop.

Sandpaper Tote24

With five trays and a built-in cutting board, this compact tote keeps your hand sanding supplies ready to go.

Tool Cabinet 30

Your tools never had it so good. Plenty of drawers and compartments keep tools protected and within reach.

Twin-Screw Vise40

Exposed gears add pizzazz to this shop-made bench vise, but its strong grip adds plenty of brawn to the beauty.

Tormek Sharpening Station46